• AD4134 ODR from AD9542

    Hi experts,

    I'm trying to synchronise sampling on an AD4134 from a clock generated by an AD9542. The clock (connected to ODR in input mode) is a 40kHz square wave (my target sample rate but could be X10 faster in the future). I want to sample the AD4134…

  • AD4134 - Minimum I/O Mode

    Are there any limitations regarding the ODR when using the AD4134 in minimum I/O mode?

  • Dual LTC6373 (in series) driving AD4134 channel

    Hi experts,

    We are designing a data acquisition system with multiple wide-range analog inputs into several AD4134 ADCs (16 channels in all).

    We are considering the LTC6373 as front-end PGA and ADC driver but we need more than X16 gain as we need to cover…

  • AD4134 vs AD7134

    Is there a quick reference guide that tells the differences between the AD7134 (NRND) and the AD4134 (suggested replacement)?



  • Continuous Sampling Capability of EVAL-AD4134 using ACE

    Hello everyone

    I would like to evaluate the AD4134 in an application in which I need to measure the third harmonic of a 30kHz fundamental frequency signal for three pickup coils. I would like to use the EVAL-AD4134 for this purpose.

    I would like to sample…

  • ADA4255的输出是否可以直接接到AD4134


  • 关于AD4134和ADAU7118信噪比曲线的问题



  • AD9542 Impulse output (i.e. non-square wave?)

    Hi, is it possible for an AD9542 to generate a non-square output waveform?

    Reason for asking: I'm trying to drive a AD4134 ADC using a short impulse rather than a square wave.

    Thanks, Steve

  • Ace Remote Control From Python - Calling PullAllCaptureDataToFile

    I would like to use the PullAllCaptureDataToFile from Python, via ACE Remote Control, to save data to the hard drive.

    When I call PullAllCaptureDataToFile, I receive errors:

    Error reading from AD4134: No method matches given arguments for PullAllCaptureDataToFile…