• AD4112 input-voltage range

    In Datasheet of AD4112, 1st Page says "±10 V inputs", Page 27 Says (under VOLTAGE INPUTS)"enable an input range of ±20 V from a single 5 V power supply". Will Uni-polar setting give range of 0 to +40V & Bipolar will give +/- 20V?…

  • AD4112: Supply voltages.

    I'm using a AD4112 to measure +/-10V differential input voltages.  My question is about power for the AD4112.  Do I need positive and negative input voltages? Or can I power it with 5V AVDD and 3v3 IOVDD?

  • AD4112: Isolation and Grounding

    I'm using an AD4112 for measuring +/-10V signals.

    I plan on using:

    5V AVDD

    0V AVSS

    3v3 IOVDD

    0V DGND

    Onto the questions:

    1a) If I use single-ended mode, can I get a true +/-10V bipolar signal in?  This would be the same as Figure 1b in this document…

  • AD4112: 4-20mA in existing 24V current loop possible?

    Hello Engineers,

    At a machine is a pressure sensor 4-20mA powered with 24V

    and a SPS which reads the current of the sensor, so we have

    to share the signal.

    The goal is to integrate the AD4112 in the current loop.

    Because of the 24V supply in the loop…

  • Can the EVAL-AD4112 board be used as an Arduino slave?


    Can the EVAL-AD4112 board be used directly as an Arduino slave i.e. the EVAL-AD4112 connects directly to an Arduino (or compatible) board such that the Arduino sketch controls the setup and reading of data from the AD4112 ADC?

    Thank you

  • Why the internal REF of AD4112 outputs lower than 2.5V?


    I'm using the AD4112 with internal REF enable(no external REF+/-). When I check the REF's output, I found it's 2.22V or 2.17V or some value lower than 2.5V. And the ADC result also bigger than the value from the signal generator. Does anyone meet…

  • AD4112's VIN0~VIN7 measured voltage 200mV~500mV when no input signal.

    AD4112's VIN0~VIN7 measured voltage 200mV~500mV when no input signal.
    It's serious problem...
    I don't know what's the problem.
    my schematic is following :

    what's wrong???

  • 使用AD4112对0-20mA进行采集时IIN-需要接地吗?



  • RE: Configuration for universal analog input in AD7124_8


    Thanks for your revert.

    If I use AD7124_8 and AD4112 then too costly right?. Because of this cost issue only I choose this AD7124_8 otherwise, I would have gone AD4112.

    Ad7124 and ad4112 if use also single-channel how can I configure. I need to use…