• AD4111 input range


    I am using AD4111 in my circuit for reading RTD. My input range is very low and it is around several millivolts. I do not need the wide range of AD4111. Is there any way to limit the rage so as to achieve higher precision?  Right now my precision is…

  • AD4111 open wire detection

    We are going to use AD4111 in our project.

    We want 4 single-ended bipolar ±10 V voltage inputs, the input pins are VIN0~VIN3.

    Open wire detection function is necessary.

    Here are my questions

    1. In datasheet, It says The VIN0 and VINCOM…

  • About the output data rate of AD4111


    I have a question about the output data rate of the AD4111.

    I use several types of ODR (Output Data Rate), but it works normally when it is 59.52, but when I operate it in continuous conversion mode at 49.68, DOUT / RDYn does not become L and the…

  • AD4111 Aperture Time and Uncertainty

    Hi Folks,

    I would like to know what the aperture time and associated uncertainty is for the AD4111.  Can you help me understand it.  It seems to be missing from the ADC specifications.

    Thank you.

  • i am getting incorrect values when reading ad4111 channel records

    before addressing the problem, I would like to point out the tools I use.

    equipment used:

    Adc board: EVALAD4111/12SDZ


    development board :Easymx PRO v7 (STM32F107)



    the compilation method: non os

    apis used for compilation: Analog…

  • AD4111 crosstalk

    To whom it may concern,

    We are facing some crosstalk issues with the AD4111 in differential voltage mode. Applying 20Vpp at one channel results in 0.6Vpp at the other three channels (3% or -30dB). The crosstalk is not only seen when the input is left…



    I have a question about GPIO CONFIGURATION REGISTER (0x06) for AD4111.

    In the explanation of ERR_DAT on P52, there is a description about the input and the operation as a GPO, but there is no description in the open drain error mode.

    If the bit…

  • AD4111 CRC sample program


    When designing the CRC of AD4111, would you please share any reference materials such as sample programs?

    I would appreciate it if you could reply.

    Best regards

  • The calibration ad4111

    in 10V input can read:

    It has a large margin of error.

    I performed both of these calibrations, but nothing changed.It's still that much off.


    i enabled inbuff0:

  • About the CRC function of AD4111


    I have a question about the CRC function of the AD4111.
    To enable the CRC function, we think that it will be effective if the 2nd to 3rd bits of the interface register are set to 10.

    However, even if the above is set, the read data CRC is not…