• AD4110-1 Communication issue using development board EVAL-AD4110-1

    Hello all,

    I am facing issue in communicating with AD4110-1 via SPI pins in J2 connector on evaluation board using an external microcontroller. I am trying to read ID register as that register will be a static register hence it will be easy to know if…

  • AD4110-1 SPI Communication Issues

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    my name is Tristan Strahler and I am part of CURE Mannheim and we are currently evaluating the AD4110-1 AFE for usage in our new PLC systems. The analog functionality of the device exceeded our expectations so we opted to develop a…

  • AD4110-1 RTD function (excitation current)

    Dear Sirs

    When I use AD4110-1 RTD function (excitation current).

    May I use internal reference for RTD excitation current?

    Or It must be to use external 2.5V reference?



  • Multiple Channels with AD4110-1

    Hi ADI Team,

    Recently learnt about AD4110-1 and it seems to be a beautiful product with single chip solution for complicated AFE design.

    I have one question thought, if we have to build a 18-channel Universal AFE then which analog switch is recommended to…

  • AD4110-1 ADC issue

    Hi, I'm working on a project using AD4110-1.

    There are some things that I don't know using this chip.

    I know that

    1. SYNC Logic 'Low' means it will abort all ADC Operations

    2. SYNC Logic 'High' means it will start new conversion within…

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - CRC

    Is the implementation of CRC error detection the same for the AFE and for the ADC?

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - AFE

    What does AFE stand for?

  • AD4110-1 output raw value convert into degree Celsius for RTD 4W sensor


    I wants to convert output raw value of AD4110-1 into degree Celsius for RTD 4W sensor.

    Can some one pls help me for how to convert raw value into temperature?



  • AD4110-1: FAQs


    In Page 29,  the end of the first paragraph of the right side, the description is not clear about more information section.



    "In most cases, a thermocouple is not referenced to or biased…

  • AD4110-1 noise issue with Thermocouple


    I am interfacing Thermocouple K type with AD4110-1 ADC.

    I got difference of 4 to 5 degree Celsius.

    example: I set a temperature of 50 degree from calibrator, I got an output from ADC is 46 to 49 degree Celsius.

    How to reduce noise?

    is there any…