• AD4110-1 Communication issue using development board EVAL-AD4110-1

    Hello all,

    I am facing issue in communicating with AD4110-1 via SPI pins in J2 connector on evaluation board using an external microcontroller. I am trying to read ID register as that register will be a static register hence it will be easy to know if…

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - CRC

    Is the implementation of CRC error detection the same for the AFE and for the ADC?

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - AFE

    What does AFE stand for?

  • AD4110-1 Datasheet Rev.0

    In Page 29 ,  the end of the first paragraph of the right side, the description is not clear about more information section.

    Could you give your answer?

    "In most cases, a thermocouple is not referenced to or biased toward any system power supply voltage…

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - Calibration Registers

    There are two calibration registers on the AFE, why are they not on the transfer function?

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - SYNC Pin

    What does the  SYNC pin do?

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - Transfer Function

    What is the transfer function of this device?

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - Delay feature

    Can the Delay feature compromise the resolution of the conversion result?

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - Clock Requirements

    The AFE and ADC have internal clocks, which one should be used or should an external clock be used?

  • AD4110-1 FAQ - Internal Communication

    How does the AFE and the ADC communicate with each other?