• ad400x No-OS driver not valid for ad4008?


    I am using an ad4008 ADC in my microcontroller project - I was looking through the No-OS drivers on the ADI GitHub and found a few files for ad400x. However, when looking through them I saw this snippet in the ad400x.h file:

    enum ad400x_supported_dev_ids…

  • AD4008的设计注意事项



  • AD4008 shutdown external reference during standby


    As for AD4008, can the external reference be powered off during AD4008 standby state?

    If there is any concern, please let me know.

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  • ad7685 diode clamp required

    The opam has power supply of 8, and -12VDC. 

    In some conditions, the output can swing to 8 and -12v. 

    Will that damage the AD7685? We have noticed issues with the readout is shifted downward. For example, 0vdc shows up as 60000, 5V shows up at 30000. 0…

  • RE: Simulation of Photodiode connection to ADA4350

    Hi Hooman,

    I back with another question.

    In another thread related to ADC discussion, Sean suggested to use AD4008 or AD7685.

    One of the advantages of using AD4008 is it has "The analog input incorporates circuitry that reduces the nonlinear charge kickback…

  • RE: Using AD7680 for ultra low sampling rate


    I would suggest taking a look at the AD7685 or the AD4008.  Both have significantly higher maximum throughput than you need but should be able to operate in the range of sample rates you are interested in.  The advantage of the AD4008 is the HI-Z…

  • RE: AD7685

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the info.

    "First conversion accurate" basically means that if the ADC is idle for a long period of time, and then you provide a CNV rising edge to kick off a conversion, the result for that conversion will be within specs in the…

  • 『新品速递』这4款ADC,是你的设计中需要的么


    ps.这些均产品已上市, 数据手册包含所有最终性能规格和工作条件,我们推荐您在新设计使用这些产品。

    一、14 位、2.6 GSPS、JESD204B、双通道模数转换器 AD9689


    AD9689 是一款…

  • RE: ADC questions for ultrasonic sampling, specifically AD4010


    First of all your project sounds really cool!!!! Do let us know how it works and what your experience was like using this product family.

    #1 Drive

    If you only require 500 KSPS and 16-bits you may want to try the AD4008 which is pin compatible…