• AD4003 negative output


    I am using AD4003 ADC in one of the design. In this we are using 3-wire turbo mode.

    Clock frequency used is 100Mhz.

    Now when I provide 3V differential signal to the input of ADC. I am getting a hex value 0x2D0CD which is near to -3V(Read on SDO line…

  • About the IBIS model of AD4003


    I cannot import the IBIS model of the AD4003 chip into the ADS.

    The following error is prompted.

    How can I fix this problem please? Is there an error in the IBIS model provided by the official website and can you fix it?

    Thank you!
  • AD4003 Conversion result


    Please let me know your advice about the output timing  of AD4003 conversion result.

    Below is the timing chart of turbo mode at the datasheet P.29 figure 55.

    I thought that the result from below conversion means below D17:D0 at the timing chart 

  • AD4003使用一段时间后噪声变大



  • Strange Data Glitch on AD4003 FMC on ZC706


    We noticed a strange data glitch on the AD4003 running the evaluation FMC card - shown below. Captured conditions were CNV rate of 1.6 MSPS and SCK rate of 80 MHz using VIO = 2.5V.  We've changed the timing of our signals (CNV, SCK) and tried VIO…

  • AD4003 Quiet Time

    In the datasheet for the AD4003, there is a 190ns quiet time as soon as the CNV signal is high.  Is this the time that the capacitors(Vref/2, Vref/4, Vref/8,...,Vref262,144) are being switched and the digital value is being generated in the Control Logic…

  • What is full input voltage range on AD4003 in differential mode?

    Looking at the datasheet for the AD4003, it implies you can have an Analog Input Voltage Range from -Vref to +Vref. Therefore, you can have a -5 to +5V input. Is that correct?

    Thank you,


  • spi code for ad4003

    As I am new to this forum, please help me.

    I want to communicate stm32f4 mcu with AD4003 18-Bit, 2 MSPS Precision SAR Differential ADC. Kindly please share the sample C code  function code or library for the same. I would appreciate you if you could send…

  • Power estimation of a reference design (CN0177 + CN0385) using AD5781 and AD4003


    We are now building a precision measurement system daughter board, it consists of a DAC (AD5781) and an ADC (AD4003), we are planning to build it using the schematics from reference design CN0177 and CN0385 and combine them together. The power input…

  • RE: AD4007 / AD4003 - TIA interface

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