• RE: AD4003 Conversion result

    Hi Terumasa,

    That is correct, when turbo mode is enabled, each D[17:0] output code corresponds to the result from the previous conversion. So there is a latency of one conversion period between a CNV rising edge and the ADC result being clocked out on…

  • What is the best strategy to connect 16 AD4003 and AD8251 in parallel for 16 channel DAQ?

    Hi, I want to simultaneously collect 16 channel data at 1MSPS using AD4003 and programmable gain INA AD8251. 16 AD4003 and 16 AD8251 are used and all of them are connected to a FPGA.

    The problem is the pin counts. A ad4003 has 4 pin: CONV, SDI, SDO,…

  • RE: Dose LTM2893 suit AD7983?

    Hello QI,

      The AD4000 family should work with the LTM2893.  I've successfully operated the AD4003 with the LTM2893. The AD4003 is an 18-bit 2Msps SAR.  

      You'll need to operate the AD4003 in the chip-select 3-wire with busy indicator mode and configure…

  • RE: the number of samples SDP-H1 can save at one acquisition

    Hi ShawnT,

    The AD4003 family customer evaluation software supports ADC sample counts up to ~1 million (2^20 samples). I will have to look into what the maximum storage capacity of the SDP-H1 is. Are you planning to only use the SDP-H1 with the AD4003 family…

  • What is full input voltage range on AD4003 in differential mode?

    Looking at the datasheet for the AD4003, it implies you can have an Analog Input Voltage Range from -Vref to +Vref. Therefore, you can have a -5 to +5V input. Is that correct?

    Thank you,


  • RE: Eval ADC for -140dB THD+N Measurement

    Hi Romain,


       Your application looks interesting. Base  from your inputs, we can recommend the latest SAR ADC in ADI portfolio, the AD4003. This is an 18bit 2MSPS SAR ADC and the evaluation kit are available. The evaluation software has the feature that…

  • AD4003 Quiet Time

    In the datasheet for the AD4003, there is a 190ns quiet time as soon as the CNV signal is high.  Is this the time that the capacitors(Vref/2, Vref/4, Vref/8,...,Vref262,144) are being switched and the digital value is being generated in the Control Logic…

  • RE: spi code for ad4003

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • AD4007 / AD4003 - TIA interface


    we are looking into a transimpedance amplifier frontend based on the AD8597 for the AD4007 (or the AD4003).

    Is it feasible to use the AD8597 as a buffer for the SAR ADC ?

    Would there be any drawbacks compared to the suggested ADA4897 in the…

  • RE: Where should the -Vs pin of AD8475 be connected to?

    Hi Benyuan,

    Try ADA4940 or ADA4807. Also, please see Applications Information Section of the AD4003 datasheet.