• AD4001 and AD4005 differences

    The AD4005 (1Ms/s) and the AD4001 (2Ms/s) are differential-input 16-bit ADCs that have identical conversion times. What (if any) are  the internal design differences between the two parts that allow the acquisition time to be specified as 290ns for the…

  • Bf609 and ad4001 spi comminication problem

    i'm working on BF609 Dsp and Ad4001(adc chip) . i try to connect them with spi . partly i achived but i have some problems
    My first problem is that: i couldn't recive 2Msps continous data. i read spi device driver manual in CCES 2.6 for Bf60x spi…

  • AD4001无法正确驱动


             1、FPGA驱动AD4001 ,3线Turbo模式,时序要求已经满足,但是输出不正常。

             2、已经按照spec中的说明,将spi_clk 设置为100Mhz(spec要求spi_clk大于70Mhz,但是有同事用单片机验证,spi_clk未达到70Mhz,ad4001也能正常工作,为何FPGA按照规格书给出                       spi_clk,反而不能正常工作。)。但是SDI信号线上面电平无变化。


  • AD4001/4003采样率可以设置吗?


  • RE: 關於AD7380 with ADA4940 如何設計 ADC driver for sensing +- 5V signals?

    Hi Alee,

    是這樣的,先前的設計使用AD4001 搭配AD4940,這次將AD4001替換為AD7380想說AD4940維持原先設計.

    可能在Ref 電源上需要重新計算與調配電阻值:

    Orignal AD4001

    Ref = 4.096V

    VCM =2.048V


    sensing +- 5V signals


  • 關於AD7380 的 typical circuit application 是否可用 Single-Ended to differential Conversion with a Fully Differential Amplifier模式設計?

    Q1.假設 dual-channel 只用到1個其中ch-A ,則 Pin14 SDOB/ALERT 是否需要預留GPIO控制或是可floating?
    Q2.先前用AD4001替換為AD7380,而 AD7380應用上否可以參考AD4001 Single-Ended to differential Conversion with a Fully Differential Amplifier方式設計?
    AD7380 typical reference circuit 看起來為Multiple…
  • Design a precision ADC front end for measuring small signals with high common mode voltage at 1MHz frequency?

    Hi, I want to build a electrical impedance measurement device using AD4003/AD4001, where a small current (around ~1mA, at 1MHz) is inject into the body and the difference voltage at two electrodes on the forehead is measured. The signal to be sampled is…

  • RE: ADI工程师博客分享——如何正确驱动SAR ADC前端

    以下内容是网友就此新网络工具与 AnneM 的讨论,顺便也分享下~ 当然,你也可以就此工具提出自己的建议或意见哦




  • RMS Current Control Based on LTC1968

    Dear Team,


    I want to make current control via MOSFET based on LTC1968. The load will be full wave rectified sinusoidal ( not filtered ) and frequency will be max 400hz.

    My design is in the attachement.

    1. I have used U1-LTC1968 and U2-LT1782 for RMS to…