• RE: AD4001 and AD4005 differences


    Apologies for missing this item. We cannot really disclosed directly regarding the internal design. But in general the part are both tested and has a guaranteed performance based on their timing specifications. So if you want a faster throughput you…

  • AD4001/4003采样率可以设置吗?


  • AD4001无法正确驱动


             1、FPGA驱动AD4001 ,3线Turbo模式,时序要求已经满足,但是输出不正常。

             2、已经按照spec中的说明,将spi_clk 设置为100Mhz(spec要求spi_clk大于70Mhz,但是有同事用单片机验证,spi_clk未达到70Mhz,ad4001也能正常工作,为何FPGA按照规格书给出                       spi_clk,反而不能正常工作。)。但是SDI信号线上面电平无变化。


  • RE: Bf609 and ad4001 spi comminication problem

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  • AD-4001 Sending Consistently Incorrect Data over SPI

    Short Version: 

    I am having issues getting the AD-4001 to communicate via SPI. I am receiving consistently incorrect data that varies depending on the input voltage. This incorrect data is consistent across several trials, but does not scale correctly…

  • Adaq4001 70 mhz clock requriment for spi


    I am planning to use  ADAQ4001, but it requires mininum 70MHz spi clock, Most of the microcontroller on the market support up to 30Mhz. I didn't see higher. Do you have any microcontroller recommendation for me which is compatible with ADAQ 4001?…

  • RE: 關於AD7380 with ADA4940 如何設計 ADC driver for sensing +- 5V signals?

    Hi Alee,

    是這樣的,先前的設計使用AD4001 搭配AD4940,這次將AD4001替換為AD7380想說AD4940維持原先設計.

    可能在Ref 電源上需要重新計算與調配電阻值:

    Orignal AD4001

    Ref = 4.096V

    VCM =2.048V


    sensing +- 5V signals


  • 關於AD7380 的 typical circuit application 是否可用 Single-Ended to differential Conversion with a Fully Differential Amplifier模式設計?

    Q1.假設 dual-channel 只用到1個其中ch-A ,則 Pin14 SDOB/ALERT 是否需要預留GPIO控制或是可floating?
    Q2.先前用AD4001替換為AD7380,而 AD7380應用上否可以參考AD4001 Single-Ended to differential Conversion with a Fully Differential Amplifier方式設計?
    AD7380 typical reference circuit 看起來為Multiple…
  • 论坛工程师原创——2021年论坛热门技术帖(下)!

    前不久,斑竹为大家整理了2021年论坛热门技术帖的上半部分,还没参考的小伙伴可以点击这里回顾哈→ 论坛工程师原创——2021年论坛热门技术帖(上)! 






  • RMS Current Control Based on LTC1968

    Dear Team,


    I want to make current control via MOSFET based on LTC1968. The load will be full wave rectified sinusoidal ( not filtered ) and frequency will be max 400hz.

    My design is in the attachement.

    1. I have used U1-LTC1968 and U2-LT1782 for RMS to…