• AD4000 SPI Timing

    Hello, I am trying to implement a SPI driver for the AD4000 on the UG-1042 eval board. The goal is to use 4 wire mode since we will need to enable high-z mode.  We are first trying to enable a conversion. It seems like bit is shifted out of the ADC as soon…

  • AD4000 ADC.

    We are trying to set the command register for writing operation and set the ADC to 2MSPS Turbo Mode. But we are unable to read the register status as SDI and SDO have different polarities. We are trying to send the command as described is page 26 of AD4000…

  • RE: Looking for product longevity advice (Roadmap) with integration of Linear Tech

    Hi Phil,

    The AD7691 is part of a 10 pin SAR family that are pin and package compatible. You can see this in the parts table in the AD4003 datasheet (table 8). The most recent release in this 10 pin compatible family is the AD4003 which was released last…

  • RE: Tcyc of LTC2310-14

    Thank you for your reply.

    I don’t understand your reply about Tcyc. Why is Tcyc max decided as 1msec in data sheet ? Tcyc consists of Tcnvh, Tconv and Treadout. Tcyc is defined the time between the rising edge of CNV and the next rising edge of CNV. On…

  • RE: top module HDL(FPGA) design for AD4000


    See attached.

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  • RE: Dose LTM2893 suit AD7983?

    Hello QI,

      The AD4000 family should work with the LTM2893.  I've successfully operated the AD4003 with the LTM2893. The AD4003 is an 18-bit 2Msps SAR.  

      You'll need to operate the AD4003 in the chip-select 3-wire with busy indicator mode and configure…

  • RE: Question about AD7472ARU

    Hi Kazu,

       I am sorry but this data is an ADI property. An equivalent circuit could be Ibis models but unfortunately, we do not have ibis model for AD7472. There are several ADC were Ibis models are available like AD4000, AD7606 to name a few. You can…

  • RE: Eval ADC for -140dB THD+N Measurement

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you,

    I already seen this converter but haven't dig farther because it was working with SDP-H1.

    It seems to be the best choise, so I looked for EVAL-AD4003-FMCZ but have found EVAL-AD4000-FMCZ and EVAL-CN0385-FMCZ on mouser and…

  • RE: 分辨率、 精度、小数点有效位,不求甚解啊


    AD4000/AD4003系列评估板包含易于使用的16/18位精密SAR ADC。AD4000…

  • RE: AFE for AD7768-4


    The most suitable front-end amplifiers for this type of application are amplifiers like the ADA4610-1, ADA4610-2, or AD8605, AD8606. These amplifiers provide a low noise option which makes them suitable for use in signal chains using low noise ADC…