• AD2S90 +AD2S99


    Is it possible to use one generator AD2S99 with buffer and four AD2S90 IC's?

    What to do with pins of AD2S99 SIN COS SYNREF? 

    Maybe there are some detailed shematics like in figure 16 of datasheet AD2S90 http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical…

  • AD2S99 and AD2S82A

    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    Please refer to page 6 of datasheet of AD2S99 (you can find the datasheet here: http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/AD2S99.pdf ). Page 6 describes a recommended connection between AD2S99 and AD2S82A. I tried on this…

  • Amplitude accuracy of AD2S99 vs Input signal amplitude of AD2S90

    We would use AD2S90 for the acquisition of a resolver sensor and AD2S99 for the
    excitation. But the amplitude variations of the excitation in the range of the
    temperature of the AD2S99 is 2V 10% . It Is the same tolerance as SIN and COS
  • RE: Question about AD2S99


    The AD2S99 will generate an excitation output as soon as power is supplied to the device.  There is no way other than powering down the device to disable the excitation signal.  Therefore, if the AD2S99 is to be used in conjunction with something…

  • RE: Questions on AD2S99/AD2S82A

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  • AD2S99: What is the difference between AD2S99AP and BP versions?

    What is the difference between AD2S99AP and BP versions?


    The AP and BP versions of the AD2S99 are two different performance grades. The
    difference in performance is in the frequency and amplitude accuracy over the
    full operating temperature…
  • AD2S90 RDC: Unstable output on A,B encoder output pins

    Hi Everyone.

    I'm currently experimenting with an AD2S90 for resolver-digital-conversion, to provide position feedback for a motor controller. However, the A, B encoder emulation outputs are unstable and keep changing, even when the motor is not moving…

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