• AD2S83

    Free PC compatible software is available to help users select the optimum component values for the AD2S83, and display the transfer gain, phase and small step response.

    Where can I get this software?

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  • RE: Why use AD2S83 at role of the angle indicator? ******** data out

    Hi mnhunter,

                  If it is ok, kindly share your schematic so we may have a better understanding of the problem. You may also check the ground connection. As recommended on the datasheet, digital ground and analog ground should be connected externally and…

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    I moved this question about the AD2S83 to the Precision ADCs community.  Please continue the discussion here.



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    很抱歉,我们现在没有针对AD2S83的参考电路,但是有基于AD2S1210的参考电路,cn-0276. 您可以看一下。


  • RE: AD2S83 free software

    Hi, Tim Starr.

    The software can be found on this thread (http://ez.analog.com/message/41875#41875). Just scroll down and you will find an attachment posted by ShaneO named component-selection.zip. Please take note that it won't run on newer OS but XP…

  • AD2S83: Moving bits

    We have tried to get position from chip. It gives us quite strange output.
    While position sensor is static some bits of output toggles on/off quite
    randomly.Output is like 0x4040-> 0x8080 -> 0xC040 etc.
    Reference freq is 400 hz,…
  • RE: AD2S82A application circuit

    Hi Barry,

    Apologies for the delay.

    Please refer to the thread below for the software:

    Problems with AD2S83 - Tracking R/D Converter

    This will only run on XP machines.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


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    we used AD2S83 before, now he hope our AD2Sxx have incremental encoder output,
    so he select AD2S90. But the frequency of his resolver's output signal is only
    50 Hz. And AD2S90's input signal's frequency is 3 KHz minimum. So it seems …