• AD2S80A: Can 2 AD2S80As be used with the same inductosyn?

    Can 2 AD2S80As be used with the same inductosyn?


    Yes, but they must have the same reference frequency from the same excitation
    I don't see any problem in principle with connecting two AD2S80A components to
    the same output. Both…

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  • AD2S80A: FAQs

    could you please advise 

    Quiesecnt power consumption
    Mean power consumption
    Maximum power consumption

    values for the above RDC


    Maximum power consumption is the simplest so let me start with that:
    Assuming maximum power supplies of +12V, -12V…

  • AD2S80A Question

    I am working on a project which would involve a fairly long distance between a resolver and the AD2S80A device.  I chose this device because I have a few of them on hand.

    I am curious to know how important it is to keep the SIN/COS inputs in phase with…

  • AD2S80A busy Timing

    I read the AD2S80A's datasheet, and I have questions about the Digital Timing.

    1. When BUSY Pin is low, I can read the conversion data. How long BUSY Pin hold
    low, then I can read the data? Because if the input to the converter changes

  • AD2S80A应用问题

    AD2S80A应用文档circuit applications of ad2s81a and  ad2s80a reslover-to-digital converters 中提到5S72和5S70 分别是激磁和信号的电压转换器,但是在ADI的产品里并没有看见,这个产品现在的替代品是什么?

  • AD2S80A: Noise on DIR output

    The DIR output has a lot of noise on it. What could be the cause of his noise?


    The DIR output is asynchronous, so in theory it can change in between LSBs even
    though the direction of rotation does not appear to have changed.
    However this would…

  • AD2S80A的有关问题




    A J S精度为±8+1LSB 弧分


    BKT精度为±4+1LSB 弧分


    LU    精度为±2+1LSB 弧分,




  • Pin finish on AD2S80A


    can someone tell me the pin finish on the AD2S80ATD (resolver to digital converter)?

    The DS says Z for RoHS compliant but does not mention non-'Z' finish.


  • Resolver to encoder converter with AD2S80A

    Dear all,

    I would like to build a resolver to encoder converter with 16 bit resolution and the possibility of selecting between internal or external excitation signal.

    My first choice was to try it with the AD2S1210, which has 16 bit of resolution and…