• RE: AD2S1210 schematic review

    Hi Jonathan :

    1.C16 is 10uF.

    2.digital signal A1,A0,SAMPLE,SDO,SDI,SCLK,WR/FSYNC control SPI communication and update AD2S1210 data, SOE/CE is low, other pin is floating.

    3. R18 is could DNP.

    application is PMSM motor control board.

    many thanks .

  • reducing feedback voltage for AD2S1210


    I am using 24V excitation, and Sine and Cosine voltages are 4.8vp-p. Considering that the maximum voltage of these pins is 4V for AD2S1210, I need to scale that. I was wondering what is input stage of these pins? is it gain with fully differential…

  • AD2S1210 reading issue

    Hi all,

    I am working on a resolver-based foc motor driver and trying to find an angle with AD2S1210. But the problem is that when I use resolver output, motor doesn't work. After that I am giving the angle by myself (i.e. 0.5 degrees in 100us) and read…

  • AD2S1210 synchronized to external excitation

    Can the AD2S1210 be operated with an externally generated sine wave reference?


    It is tricky to synchronize the AD2S1210 to an external excitation.

    To achieve it you must ensure that the AD2S1210 and the device determining the
    excitation frequency…

  • AD2S1210 interfaced to an LVDT

    Is it possible to use the AD12S1210 as an interface for LVDTs?


    You can use the AD2S1210 to interface with an LVDT, but some extra
    design is required in mapping the output from the AD2S1210 to an
    expected LVDT output.

  • AD2S1210的使用


  • AD2S1210 Tj temperature

    Hello Sean

             Could I know what is the Tj temperature of AD2S1210 to customer? Thank you.



  • AD2S1210 - issue in register read and write.

    AD2S1210 - issue in register read and write.




    I am using 28377d to to activate ad2s1210. Actually we using ad2s1210-EP. There are any difference configuration between ad2s1210 and ad2s1210-EP?


    There was a problem in writing address to ad2s1210,…

  • Direct interface for resolver with AD2S1210

    My task is to design an interface for a resolver. My problem is that the
    information in the datasheet does not clearly defines this. See AD2S1210-EP
    table 1 for the sine,cosine inputs. There is an amplitude required of 2.3 till
    4 Vpp. In case…

  • AD2S1210 Arduino Code not working!

    Dear Friends,

    I have translated a c code (for some STM32 cpu) that came with ZONRI AD2S1210 Evaluation Board which has AD2S1210 chip. The code is for reading the AD2S1210 chip through its serial interface. 

    The Encoder emulation outputs CHA and CHB are…