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    One question should your read of the data bus command D15_D0_IN() not come after you pull RD low?  Otherwise you are reading the output bus when it is inhibited.

    If modifying the read doesn't work can you please try and send scope or Logic Analyzer…

  • AD2S1210 SPI and error range


    1. The VIH/VIL of SPI input support hysteresis or not ?

    2. Below is AD2S1210 angular and velocity error.

    Error range is -0.53~+0.53 degree Is it correct? 

    Error range is -58.56~+58.56 rpm. Is it correct? 

              BTW, has any other factor to cause…

  • AD2S1210 Position Data from Parallel Interface


    I have an EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ and the accompanying daughter board EVAL-SDP-CB1Z for reading data from a resolver. Ultimately, I would like to route the position data from the AD2S to an FPGA (specifically using NI PXI-6221 with terminal block SB-68A…

  • RE: AD2S1210 Serial Timing Quarries


    Please see my responses below.


    The datasheet of AD2S1210 is not specifying min/max against SPI Clock similar to other parameters. I assume it as max limit. Is that correct?

    Please refer to the fsclk parameter on page…

  • AD2S1210: The disappearance of excitation signal and system interference.


    1. When the interference is strong, the excitation signal disappears, as shown in the figure. Under what circumstances will the excitation signal disappear?

    2. The datasheet does not give the reset low-level time during normal operation. Then…

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  • AD2S1210


    I am looking for drive capability from REFOUT pin of AD2S1210-EP. 

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  • AD2S1210 Excitation Gain and Faults


    I have been using AD2S1210 evaluation board with TI F28379D launchpad and control card. The default Excitation gains are 1.54 and 0.866 on 7.2 V peak to peak signal provided by the chip. I changed the gain to 2.74 by soldering 27.4 kOhm resistor…

  • AD2S1210: FAQs

    Is it possible to operate two AD2S1210 converters with one resolver?


    It is possible to operate two AD2S1210 covnerters with one resolver however
    proper synchronisation procedure must be followed.
    1. Both devices must be clocked with the same…