• AD2S1210 Serial Timing Questions


    We are designing a new product which uses the AD2S1210.  I have been looking at generating the waveforms shown on page 29 in Figures 33 and 34.  The diagrams show signals several of which a SPI could generate.  There are also the A0, A1, and CS…

  • Square wave output from AD2S1210 EVAL board

    Greetings everyone!

    I got a problem with the resolver decoding board AD2S1210 EVAL. The input signals are perfect but position output is a square wave which is supposed to be a triangle wave.

    I tried two resolvers. Below are the excitation signal, sine…

  • RE: AD2S1210 data bits in hi Z?


    So if I understand your setup correctly RDB is driven high and you don't see the data (0x76h) you've applied to DB7-DB0 appear on the board when you probe correct?  Note I'm assuming you are using the customer evaluation kit here so please…

  • RE: Faults in EVAL AD2S1210


    These waveforms are severely distorted and depending on what exactly I'm looking at may not have sufficient amplitude to avoid tripping the LOS threshold.   Also it appears that this waveform is centered around ground which would cause the…

  • AD2S1210


    I am looking for drive capability from REFOUT pin of AD2S1210-EP. 

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  • AD2S1210 circuit alive check

    First of all I am not using a evaluation board but a custom PCB. Some faults have been found and we are now trying to see if the AD2S1210 is working properly. 

    We are going to configure it but for now we just want an excitation output to see that it is…

  • AD2S1210 EVAL Board with SDP CB1Z: square wave position output

    Greetings everyone!

    Currently, I am using an AD2S1210 EVAL Board via SDP CB1Z board to decode a Tamagawa resolver. It seems everything is working properly, but the decoded position is a 0-90 degree square waveform rather than a triangle waveform. I am…

  • AD2S1210


  • ad2s1210

    技术人员你好。 我的ad2s1210能够正常读写寄存器,检查晶振也正常,但是EXC+与EXC-引脚只输出高电平,无法输出正弦信号,这有什么解决方法?