• AD2S1210 SPI communication

    Customer MCU IO resource is limited , so customer need to use SPI communication with MCU, When the serial interface is enabled, pins DB0 to DB12 enter high impedance state.

    could you please advise us whether could put pins DB0 to DB12 not connect ? please…

  • AD2S1210 reading issue

    I have interfaced EVAL-CN0276-SDPZ with STM32f303 using SPI .my issue is write now is Am able to write register (i tried to change frequency and checked), but am not able to read registers (either i get 0x80 or 0xFF). i tried many possibilities but, didn…

  • Regarding AD2S1210 datasheet

    Respected Sir.
    PFA datasheet of resolver ic "AD2S1210(">www.analog.com/.../AD2S1210.pdf)" , we have encountered few technical issues with the datasheet.
    1. According to the CONTROL REGISTER Table 21. 8-Bit Register. The Read/Write…
  • AD2S1210-EP

    On my AD2S1210-EP board the measurement at the outputs EXC and NEXC shows a
    distorted signal of the sinewave.

    The output sine wave is overlayed with a distortion voltage (2.5MHz and 400mV).

    The supply voltage is filtered according to datasheet…

  • Eval Board AD2S1210

    Do I need a separate 96 way connector cable to connect the EVAL-AD2S1210 board
    to CED1Z board? And if yes, is it included in the CED1Z evaluation kit?


    No cable is required. The EVAL-AD2S1210 board connector mates directly to the
    CED board connector…

  • RE: AD2S1210 schematic review

    Hi Jonathan :

    1.C16 is 10uF.

    2.digital signal A1,A0,SAMPLE,SDO,SDI,SCLK,WR/FSYNC control SPI communication and update AD2S1210 data, SOE/CE is low, other pin is floating.

    3. R18 is could DNP.

    application is PMSM motor control board.

    many thanks .

  • reducing feedback voltage for AD2S1210


    I am using 24V excitation, and Sine and Cosine voltages are 4.8vp-p. Considering that the maximum voltage of these pins is 4V for AD2S1210, I need to scale that. I was wondering what is input stage of these pins? is it gain with fully differential…

  • AD2S1210 reading issue

    Hi all,

    I am working on a resolver-based foc motor driver and trying to find an angle with AD2S1210. But the problem is that when I use resolver output, motor doesn't work. After that I am giving the angle by myself (i.e. 0.5 degrees in 100us) and read…

  • AD2S1210的使用