• AD2S1205芯片与TMS320F28335之间信号需要进行电平转换吗



  • RE: AD2S1205/AD2S1210 Common-Mode Voltage

    Hi Ben,

    The AD2S1205 sine and cosine inputs are biased to Vref/2 and the spec 1.25 V +/- 100 mV refers to this bias voltage. Signals are biased to ensure the sine and cosine signals are within the operating range of the AD2S1205 as the resolver removes…

  • AD2S1205,未接旋变时为何增量信号A/B有输出?


  • RE: 单电源运放AD8662可不可以用双运放LM358替换


  • AD2S1205 phase shift issue


    I am using AD2S1205, the phase shift between Excitation & SIN/COS is possible to be beyond +/-44 degree.

    As datasheet mentioned, if phase shift is within +/-44 degree, AD2S1205 is OK to compensate it to less than 10 degree, and so it is…

  • AD2S1205 startup issue

    Hello, I'm testing a new design with a AD2S1205 resolver decoder. I have my design assembled, and applied 5v to the Vdd. I have been using a 100 ohm resistor to pull down the reset signal by hand, and when I remove it I observe the current draw by the…

  • What is the equation for velocity for the AD2S1205

    I've been up and down the AD2S1205 data sheet and I can't find the equation for velocity.  All I got was that its 2's complement, scales with the oscillator, and is 12 bits wide.  So, how do I compute RPM, or RPS from that?

    It's there, right…

  • RE: AD2s1205 Inverter Noise

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  • AD2S1205 Synthetic Reference Generation

    I am trying to find further information on the synthetic reference generation and the physics behind it.  I am hoping that if I am well below the critical speed of my application resolver this error will not apply, but I need to understand it.  Any further…

  • RE: AD2S1205 Velocity Clarification


    Just adding the SPI timing diagram for reference. If setup correctly the AD2S1205 will work as described in the data sheet. Some points to watch out for in the timing

    Ensure the /RDVEL is high for t4 prior to starting the read back of position…