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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I use FPGA drive ad2s1205   for testing fault detection delay time . When EXC , SIN, COS ar NC,  the fault detection
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  • RE: AD2S1205: incremental encoder emulation failure


    The AD2S1200 and the AD2S1205 should produce very similar encoder outputs.

    As regards compatibility between the two devices the AD2S1205 input range is wider than the AD2S1200 and covers the range of the AD2S1200 so that should not be an issue.…

  • RE: AD2S1205, without using excitation for resolver ?

    The synthetic reference improves performance and accuracy by reducing the phase shift between the excitation and the sine, cosine inputs.

    If you are not using the excitation from the AD2S1205 you need to synchronize the AD2S1205 excitation to the source…

  • RE: What are the differences between the AD2S1200 and AD2S1205 ?

    Both devices offer very similar performance level however the AD2S1205 converter was released to automotive through AECQ-100. The AD2S1205 IC is newer device which has some advantages over older AD2S1200 like:

    1. The AD2S1205 has an extended input signal…

  • Reference buffer

    Is necessarily to use reference buffer with the AD2S1205/AD2S1210 converter ?

  • Is it necessary to use 68 kOhm resistors with the AD2S1205?

    Is it necessary to use 68 kOhm resistors with the AD2S1205?

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  • Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital Converters

    Can we use AD2S1205 to synchronize two old DC motors suffering from field weakening effect?

  • RE: AD2S1205/AD2S1210 Common-Mode Voltage

    Hi Ben,

    The AD2S1205 sine and cosine inputs are biased to Vref/2 and the spec 1.25 V +/- 100 mV refers to this bias voltage. Signals are biased to ensure the sine and cosine signals are within the operating range of the AD2S1205 as the resolver removes…