• AD2S1200: Can AD2S1200 be used with "SINCOS" sensor?

    Can AD2S1200 be used with "SINCOS" sensor?


    Yes, if by "SINCOS" sensor you mean a Resolver (resolver is like a
    motor/generator with windings at 90 degrees so it gives Sin/Cos outputs).
    The converter accepts 3.6Vp-p ±10% input…

  • RE: AD2S1200


    1. In AD2S1200 the external buffer circuitry required for EXC signals which supplies Resolver rotor winding. Will there be any buffer for the stator winding output of resolver which is being connected to SIN and SINLO…
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  • AD2S1200 aliasing

    Hello, This AD2S1200 has ADC internal both sin and cos inputs.

    As you know, ADC sampling has an aliasing if without low pass filter before input.

    Is AD2S1200 also have possible introduce aliasing issue same as other ADC components?

    If the answer yes…

  • AD2S1200: FAQs

    We are having some problems in the field with errors detected by the AD2S1200.
    In some instances we are getting lower excitation voltage than we expected
    (3.35V pk-pk compared to 3.6V pk-pk). Although this is within device
    specification, I would…

  • AD2S1200: Connection methods

    In case of LOS, is pulling -RESET low for duration Ttrack enough or must the
    part, pulling reset low, be fully powered off then on?
    In brief is reset enough or do we need to cycle power?

    Should the resolver wires be disconnected from AD2S1200,…

  • AD2S1200 dynamic characteristics

  • AD2S1200 velocity output resolution

    If the motor is running under a slow speed for example 0.5 rps, is the 0.488rps
    LSB a little bit small? Is there any way to improve it? 


    If the customer is using the velocity output as feedback to drive them motor
    and If that motor is always…

  • 关于AD2S1200输入波形的问题,旋变输出的波形接到AD2S1200后,下端会被削掉一部分


    图1 旋变输出的信号直接接示波器

    图2 旋变输出的sin和sinLO接到AD2S1200输入端,再用示波器看波形,波形下端被截止一部分


  • AD2S1200 Noise Problem

    I am using a resolver on a 10 kW motor via the AD2S1200. The DOS and LOT signals indicate a fault after only approximately 10 ms of operation. There is noise being picked up (as seen on the sin, sin_lo, cos, and cos_lo signals) even though screened cables…