• AD2428B

    Hi, what is the different between AD2428B and AD2428W?can they use the same driver code?

    I'm using AD2428BCPZ,and get a problem as follow:

    Line fault During Discovery: Fault detected on Master node: Cable Disconnected or Open Circuit


    Thank You Very Much Ken. One More Questions Do I Need To Use Sigma Studio? And Somewhere Has Sample Codes With Table To Initialize AD2428W?

  • Hi ADI members,

    In the AD2428W evaluation board, there are lots of inductors and capacitances, please refer to the following picture, can you explain the function of these inductor and capacitance?


  • A2B ADV2428W- Data band width 50Mbps - for High speed GPIO transmission

    Hi , 

    We would like to send I2S-MCLK 49MHz from A2B-Master node to A2B-Salve node thought Pin13 (DTX1/IO4). 

    Could AD2428W send high speed MCLK through GPIO pin?

  • RE: [ADAU1761] It can't sound from HP out


    I've tested with my A2B master board and slave board.

    EVAL-AD2428WD1BZ is my master and EVAL-AD2428WB1BZ is my slave.

    Actually, I asked, what is your master board.

    But it's okay. I will share my code to your e-mail.

    In the EVAL-AD2428WB1BZ…

  • RE: The difference between AD2428WCCSZ & AD2428WCCSZ01

    Hi Henry.

    As indicated in the selection guide you referred to, the xx suffix affixed to Automotive product numbers is the silicon revision, so the AD2428WCCSZ01 is for silicon revision 0.1. If there is no suffix (AD2428WCCSZ), it is revision 0.0. The…

  • A2B hotpluggable or how to resync the bus?


    we just started today with A2B Bus using master and slave eval boards equipped with AD2428W devices.

    We just made some tests with audio streaming from salve to master, thereby we saw that the bus won't resync after unplugging and re-plugging of…



    Here We Are Designning A Car Stereo Using A2B AD2428W And Looking For ALSA Driver Support ARM 32 Bit Processor. I See Some Similar Requirement Has Submit By Previous Posts In Community But So Far I Don't See Any Definite Usable Official Resources…