• A2B - AD2428W as Master and AD2428W as Slave

    Here is A2B AD2428W block diagram as below, 

    Master side : I2S input to CPU (from salve PDM MIC)

    Master side : I2S otuput to Slave node for speaker out

    Can they use the same BCLK and Sync?

    Slave side :PDM MIC input through PDM channel

    Salve side : I2S…

  • AD2428W pad & master TDM16 sending question

    Hi Guys:

         there are two question need your help.

         1、My current ad2428w bottom pad is all grounded, but I see that the data manual is divided into four areas of grounding. Is this design to slow down heat dissipation and facilitate welding?

         2、I recently…



    In order to avoid duplication of efforts, Please continue the discussion here ez.analog.com/.../how-to-build-64bit-sc584-application-a2bapp-linux.


  • AD2428W master mic system

    Hi Guys:

          there are meeting room mic system.

          my customer wanna build a system,They don't distinguish between the host and the slave. They just need to configure the software. Is this hardware feasible? 

          At present, we can't choose the PDM MIC input…

  • RE: Are your ad2428w Linux driver available for custom platform of ARM Cortex-A53 CPU and kernel 4.19?

    Hi IIzzzzz

    The error massage "Discovery failed! Failed to set up bus" on our customer platform. and can you resolve it?

    I have the same problem, but don't know how to deal with it.

  • RE: One question aobut the AD2428W

    Hi lefeng,

    EZONE page is available now for A2B. We have moved your question to the right category. Apologies for the delay in responding to your question.
    For a master AD2428 which doesn't use its A-port, the AN, AP, and ACM pins are DNC or 'do not connect…



    Here We Bought 2 ADZS2428MINI Board Without I/F Board And DSP System Board. What We Would Have Planning For This Is To Use Another MCU Control Board As Master. This Didn't Go Smooth.When We Tried To Wire Out The I2C With Our Control Board We Found…

  • A2B: AD2428W and EVAL-AD2425WBZ Linux driver code

    We use AD2428W as master and EVAL-AD2425WBZ as slave, cound you please provide Linux driver source code of this?


  • How can I use only master part of A2B (AD2428W)?

    Hi, everyone

    I am creating new project with A2B interface. I choosed IC (AD2428W) for this interface.

    IC (AD2428W) have master and slave parts of A2B interface. I need to use only master part of A2B interface. Slave part will not used. What do I need…

  • AD2428B

    Hi, what is the different between AD2428B and AD2428W?can they use the same driver code?

    I'm using AD2428BCPZ,and get a problem as follow:

    Line fault During Discovery: Fault detected on Master node: Cable Disconnected or Open Circuit