Hi Swaroop:

        As in the picture, what I am confused about is that after I use usbi to run the a2b project on sigmastudio, the system succeeds, but the system will always automatically write NODEADR and BECNT, and read the INTSRC register , the yellow one…

  • AD2428的配置问题

    我们的主处理器ADSP21489与 AD2428 连接,我需要为我的汽车应用配置 AD2428。

    不知道怎么使用 sigma studio去配置它,或者是有没有其他方法可以配置 AD2428,直接通过IIC嘛?


  • Configuring the AD2428

    Hello all,

    our host processor has a connection with AD2428 and I need to configure the AD2428 for my automotive application.

    I cannot use the sigma studio because we don't have the external usb connection from the board and our processor is not listed…

  • A2B AD2428 TDM issue

    1. We use AD2428 TDM format: TDM16, 48K, 32bit, TX0&TX1, RX0&RX1, TX1 for audio recoreding, BCLK=24.576Mhz.  Our TDM PCB routing length is about 200mm.  BCLK and SYNC as a PCB routing group. TXn as a PCB routing group. RXn as a PCB routing group…

  • RE: EVAL-AD2428WD1BZ Routing Audio from AD2428 -> HP outputs

    Hi Dave,

    Please let us know if your query is resolved. Let us know in case if you need any help here.

    Regards, Swaroop.

  • Data distortion STM324l micro is host to A2B bus (AD2428)


    I am currently using a STM32L4 micro as a host to the AD2428 master transceiver with one AD2428 slave node. I made use of Sigma studio to generate the bus configuration C file (attached) and make use of the SAI on the STM micro to acquire data…

  • AD2428 - A2B discovery mechanism


    I am using AD2428 Analog device , in that i am trying to make discovery for a2b node.

    Now the question is, do we really need to make i2s/DMA is up or only I2C communication is enough to do a simple discovery? 

  • AD2428 i2


  • A2B compatibility (AD2428-Master / AD2433-Slave)

    Hi Sir,

    We had AD2428 in production, it works when master and slave are in AD2428.

    When I try to use AD2433 for slave, I got timeout when in simple discovery.

    Is it compatible with our case? or any code need change?

    Thanks and best  regards,