• AD2428 i2


  • AD2428 - A2B discovery mechanism


    I am using AD2428 Analog device , in that i am trying to make discovery for a2b node.

    Now the question is, do we really need to make i2s/DMA is up or only I2C communication is enough to do a simple discovery? 

  • A2B AD2428

    Can an A2B use the both audio output(brand speaker) and ANC MIC(array MIC) input?

  • Regarding AD2428 IC

    Hello Everyone,

    This is vikas, from Comcon Industries, Here we are using AD2428 In sigma studio for programming , but i am using sigma studio 4.2, i am not getting the list of IC , So , I request you please give me suggestion, How can i get the ic in…

  • AD2428 Loopback test


    we are connecting one master with slave , planning to perform loopback test as mentioned in the Ad24xxTRM document.

    below are my doubts

    what are the necessary configuration i should do to get successive data with loopback?

    Do i need to connect the…

  • A2B compatibility (AD2428-Master / AD2433-Slave)

    Hi Sir,

    We had AD2428 in production, it works when master and slave are in AD2428.

    When I try to use AD2433 for slave, I got timeout when in simple discovery.

    Is it compatible with our case? or any code need change?

    Thanks and best  regards,


  • Phantom powering in AD2428

    how much power does phantom powering in AD2428 can provide and what is its maximum possible voltage? 

  • A2B AD2428 initialization procedure


    We, at Alfamtion, are designing an A2B analizer/generator featuring the AD2428 transceiver.

    During the development i found some strange behaviour that i could not find explainded in the TRM.

    I have to setup a master and a slave node and transmit…

  • Data distortion STM324l micro is host to A2B bus (AD2428)


    I am currently using a STM32L4 micro as a host to the AD2428 master transceiver with one AD2428 slave node. I made use of Sigma studio to generate the bus configuration C file (attached) and make use of the SAI on the STM micro to acquire data…

  • The difference between AD2425 & AD2428

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have one question about A2B product, my customer would like to know what's the main difference.

    If the master node is AD2428, can it compatible with slave node using AD2425?

    on the contrary, If the master node is AD2425, can it…