• AD2428 - A2B discovery mechanism


    I am using AD2428 Analog device , in that i am trying to make discovery for a2b node.

    Now the question is, do we really need to make i2s/DMA is up or only I2C communication is enough to do a simple discovery? 

  • RE: AD2428 Loopback test

    Hi Karthik,

    Please refer the below attached image on how to loopback the data in the slave transceiver. Host processor can generate the known data pattern and which needs to be received by Master. Through the A2B Bus, the received data slots can be passed…

  • RE: A2B AD2428 initialization procedure

    Hi Macro,

    As per my understanding your observation is expected.
    Once A2B system is up and running, when data passes Downstream (from master to slave) or Upstream (from slave to master) where transceiver's TDM/I2S is configured to enable the transmit data…

  • AD2428 i2


  • RE: A2B AD2428

    请问一下AD2428 如果要评估 买ADZS-AD2428MINI‎ 可以当作SLAVE或MASTER任一来设定吗?另外 只需要A2B不需要DSP 直家把I2C拉出来就可以控制了吧?

  • RE: AD2428 driver for Yocto linux ?

    Hi Yingang,

    We have a plan to provide Yocto Linux port for AD2428 in near term and the time line is not fixed yet.


  • Regarding AD2428 IC

    Hello Everyone,

    This is vikas, from Comcon Industries, Here we are using AD2428 In sigma studio for programming , but i am using sigma studio 4.2, i am not getting the list of IC , So , I request you please give me suggestion, How can i get the ic in…

  • RE: Phantom powering in AD2428

    Hi Phan,

    The maximum power the whole A2B bus can deliver is ~2.7W. This is considering 9V of bus voltage and 300mA of total bus current.


  • Purpose of ACM/BCM pins on AD2428?

    The datasheet for the AD2428 mentions that the ACM/BCM pins are "Common-Mode Input for Bidirectional, Differential A2B Line Transceiver". On the evaluation board schematics, I see that these pins are AC-coupled to ground with capacitors, but are subsequently…

  • The difference between AD2425 & AD2428

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have one question about A2B product, my customer would like to know what's the main difference.

    If the master node is AD2428, can it compatible with slave node using AD2425?

    on the contrary, If the master node is AD2425, can it…