• Ad202 isolation amplifier

    I've seen several sites about price and not clear about how many channels have the AD202. They change according to models?

  • AD202 isolation amplifier


    i want to know more about transformers used in ad202 please...specially the material used as the transformer's core...

    thanks for your help

  • AD202 power supply current requirements

    I'm looking to properly size my power supply. I am hoping to run 12 AD202KNs off of a single power supply. I see in the data sheets the AD-246 requirements but I wasn't clear on whether they applied to AD202s from a +15 V source.

    How much…

  • AD202的输出问题






  • ¿Cuantos canales de entrada tiene el AD202?

    ¿Cuantos canales de entrada tiene el AD202?

  • AD202: potting material, Cleaning possible - Pins internally connected

    1).  Is the part suitable to be processed through a co-solvent cleaning process
    after the devise is fitted/solder to a board in order to remove any flux
    residues from the soldered connections?

    2). The device seems to be potted…
  • AD202JY: Input overvoltage protection

    Using unity gain as your data sheet RevB page 5 Figure 5. Vin in the range 0 to
    +5v, have attenuated battery voltage with a potentiometer. Concerned for
    overvoltage protection, is there any protection built into the Ad202 ? Have
  • RE: 请大家推荐一款模拟输入,经过隔离后模拟输出的ADI芯片




  • 0-20mA to isolated 0-5V

    Do you have an One Chip solution to Transform an 0-20mA Signal to an isolated
    0-5V Signal (or something similar)? So it's a Sensor we want to read out with a
    voltage Module for further use. The Isolation is very important because we have