• RE: AD1974 Daisy Chain

    I too am connecting 4 of these ADCs in Daisy chain mode. The high-res schematic with readable netnames would very helpful in confirming if I am connecting it correctly.



  • AD1974 clock


    We are using four AD1974 devices in our design in a daisy chain mode. So, we are using one of the devices as the master, which has a 24.576 MHz crystal as clock source. The other three slave devices derive their clock from the ABCLK and the ALRCLK…

  • AD1974 Design Queries

    Hi Everyone

    I am planning to use AD1974 in my deisgn and I have a few queries regarding that.

    1. Can I use AD1974 for broadcast applications?

    2. I am planning to use 4 AD1974 devices to capture 8 stereo inputs. Can anyone confirm if this is possible…

  • AD1974 SPI chaining


        We are using  AD1974YSTZ device in our design. We are using 4 devices and chaining them so that we have the Audio output in TDM form. This device supports SPI as a configuration interface. We have limitation on number of chip selects for SPI interface…

  • AD1974 input


    I am using the AD1974 input filter circuit as described on page 23 of the datasheet with the exact passive values, but with an ADA4075-2 op-amp instead.  What is the corner frequency of this circuit and can you provide the design equations for…

  • AD1974 daisy chaining


    We are currently using four AD1974 devices in our design (say A, B, C and D), connected in a daisy chain mode. We will use the first device as master and the other three as slave. So, we are providing crystal as the clock source only to the Master…

  • AD1974 Standalone Mode Clocking


    I'm designing a board including a pair of AD1974 ADCs in an auxiliary capacity.  I'd like to use them in standalone mode with our existing clocks:

    MCLK = 24.576MHz

    BCK = 6.144MHz

    LRCK = 96kHz

    This puts MCLK at 256*fs. 

    First, are…

  • Clock signals for AD1974


    I have two questions concerning the AD1974s clock signals:

    1. From the datasheet it seems to me that I can run the AD1974 solely on the ALRCLK, i.e. the ALRCLK is externally provided (LRCLK in slave mode), PLL input is set to ALRCLK, ADC clock source…

  • AD1974 SPI Interface

    Hi All,

    We have a critical design query related to SPI interface. In our board we have SPI interface from a host processor shared across AD1974 and another NON-AD SPI slave device. The SPI interface is connected in parallel i.e. MISO, CLK, MOSI are shared…

  • AD1974 Filter Response

    I am using the AD1974 ADC and have the following question regarding the ADC Pass-Band Filter Response and Stop-Band Filter Response graphs.  The graphs shown in the datasheet are for the 48 kHz mode.  When using the 96 kHz and 192 KHz modes do the graphs…