• Filter Implementation AD1941


    I am trying to implement FIR and IIR filter in AD1941 DSP board. Can anyone please provide me any guideline from the beginning or help me with the code. 

    Another question is AD1941 board is ok or should i change it and any suggestion for other suitable…

  • RE: AD1941 I2C Reading Problems

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • ADAU1701与AD1941程序加载有什么区别?

    ADAU1701与AD1941程序加载有什么区别?  通过单片机加载

  • AD1941 i2c with USBi programmer


    Just wondered if the USBi programmer can supply the clock to the AD1940 / 1 to initialize the chip or if I need to supply an additional external mclk ? I see on the schematic of the USBi there is a 24mhz crystal but it doesn't quite divide into the…

  • ADAU1701 vs. AD1941


    I have to expand a digital-radio-transceiver for automotive applications by a DSP. The DSP has the task to equalize music by using various profils (e.g. rock, pop, flat, bass enhancement). The choice which profile will be used should be controlled…

  • AD1941 reg 2642 initialisation

    Hi. Sorry if sounds like a dumb question, But its my first time using a Microcontroller to load the  single AD1941

    Ive done all the Usual export Code etc.

    I have one question around the Capture Window and thus resultant export code.

    The DataSheet s…

  • AD1941 clock frequency at I²S output (serial data I/O ports)


    I would like to use the Sigma DSP AD1941 to equalize music. But I have to know which clock frequency has got the I²S port (serial data I/O port) because I want to transmit the music via FM-Transmitter to a car-radio. The FM-Transmitter input must…

  • Simple Router not in toolbox in SigmaStudio both 3.11 & 3.12


    I cannot find the simple router tools in the toolbox in either of the installed versions of SigmaStudio.

    I am trying to build a mix matrix like this


  • Memory requirements for booting a SigmaDSP with a microcontroller

    Memory requirements for booting a SigmaDSP with a microcontroller by BrettG

    In order to boot a SigmaDSP using a microcontroller, the program memory, parameter memory, and control registers must be written via the I2C/SPI control port. Each SigmaDSP has…

  • FAQ: How do I change the sample rate of my SigmaStudio system?

    In order to change the sample rate of a system, follow these steps:

    Setting Software Sample Rate

    Locate the sample rate section of the toolbar.

    Click the drop-down box, and select a new sample rate.

    Click the "Set System Sample Rate" button…