• Problem SPI communication with AD1940


    I make the prototype of active crossover with AD1940 and PIC18F67J60.

    But I have  a problem that SPI communication between PIC18F67J60 and AD1940 during test prototype board.

    I made test code for PIC18F67J60 that read core register (address 2642…

  • AD1940可以用自定义c语言来编译吗


  • AD1940: RMS and readout via SPI

    Im a student at the Beuth university in Berlin and im working on my final paper for the Bachelor right now.

    I have a problem with the AD1940 Sigma DSP, i want to generate an RMS of an audio stream (I2S) with a time interval of 100ms (could be changed…

  • microphone choice for EVAL AD1940-MINIBZ ADC input


    I'm trying to use a microphone in order to take sound for processing, but a normal computer mic did not work when i connect it to the adc input of the evaluation board. Should I use a preamp ?  What kind of a mic would be better ?

    Waiting for…

  • Peak Full Range Compressor

    Peak Full Range Compressor by BrettG

    The Peak Full Range Compressor was accidentally included in the libraries for the AD1940 and ADAU1701 cores. However, the code contains instructions that cannot be executed on those cores. Therefore, a compiler error…

  • DA1940sytz ,Replace the op-amp with a better one

    Can this type of chip be replaced by a better one? Can it improve the quality of the sound? If so, please write the model number after replacement. Thank you.        

  • Memory requirements for booting a SigmaDSP with a microcontroller

    Memory requirements for booting a SigmaDSP with a microcontroller by BrettG

    In order to boot a SigmaDSP using a microcontroller, the program memory, parameter memory, and control registers must be written via the I2C/SPI control port. Each SigmaDSP has…

  • FAQ: How do I change the sample rate of my SigmaStudio system?

    In order to change the sample rate of a system, follow these steps:

    Setting Software Sample Rate

    Locate the sample rate section of the toolbar.

    Click the drop-down box, and select a new sample rate.

    Click the "Set System Sample Rate" button to the left…

  • RE: ADAU1401 register readback

    Hello RDTP,

    This is somewhat of a complicated explanation. In the datasheet you can look up the details about the Data Capture Registers. This early SigmaDSP core has a complicated way to perform a readback. We simplified it on the newer DSP cores. Here…