• RE: Does the AD1940 can implement phase shift? range is 0 to 180 degrees, step is 5 degrees.

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  • Maximum audio frequency with AD1940 and Sigma Studio?


    I am going to make some audio signal processing on ultrasonic audio signals, mainly in the frequency range from 20 kHz to 40 kHz.

    I would like to do some preliminary filtering expirements, and i was planing to use the AD1940 SigmaDSP Using the…

  • Frequency above 20 kHz with Sigma Studio and AD1940?

    Hello, i want to expirement with sound in the ultrasonic frequency range, deom about 15 kHz to 40 kHz.

    Can Sigma Studio operate in this frequency range, and can i do filtering, ect in this frequency range.
    I want to use the AD1940 on the evaluation board…

  • AD1940

    Hi   engineers:

                           There is a customer in China who is using our AD1940. He use SigmaStudio to configure the level detector function in AD1940 as the figure. After the configuration, export the 0_IC_1_PARAM.h header file and he do not find the Level RTA…

  • AD1940 、ADAU1442 product tools

    whether ADI provide AD1940 、ADAU1442 product tools?

  • Problems with multiply - AD1940 on SigmaStudio

    I'm using two sources, one DC with 28.0 and a sine tone, then multiplying it and using the real time display (in 28.0 format) to see the result. The negative numbers are represented as the maximum positive value.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Also, when…

  • I2S between AD1401 and AD1940 eval boards


    To experiment with I2S audio transfer, I wish to run I2S from a EVAL-ADAU1401AEBZ (master) to a EVAL-AD1940AZ (slave)

    • Does this chart show the correct I2S wiring?

  • AD1940 、ADAU1442 量产等问题、ADSP-21396 音频算法支持

    1AD1940、ADAU1442 是否有量产工具, ADI 是否支持提供?

    2、ADSP-21396 是否有用在音响设备应用上的音频的软件例程提供?

  • Ad1940 can use c language to compile in sigmastudio


          I am running sigmastudio between AD1940 evaluation board.I want to ask about that, sigmastudio you can compile our own written by c language, as well as how to compile, can you send me a copy of the instructions, thank you!

  • RE: TDM between AD1401 and AD1940 eval boards revisited

         BTW -- in addition to the register changes above,  I had to rewire my jumpers between boards compared to the non-multiplexed I2S case.  The AD1940 accepts TDM data at its SData_3 and SData_2 inputs (not SData_0 and 1 as I had assumed.