• AD1940

    Hi   engineers:

                           There is a customer in China who is using our AD1940. He use SigmaStudio to configure the level detector function in AD1940 as the figure. After the configuration, export the 0_IC_1_PARAM.h header file and he do not find the Level RTA…

  • AD1940

    I am designing a system with a AD1940 controlled off a Pic24F microcontroller.

    For testing the hardware, I have a simple 4 in 4 out schematic, no processing, no volume controls.  Straight in straight out.

    I a have a 12.288 MHz master clock, with 4 inputs…

  • ad1940 slewram problem

    SigmaStudio 3.4- I am using a Ad9140 in my system.  brett alreay helped me on one problem I was having. I am using the standard SigmaStudio generated header files. However, I find that I can not use any slew models ( clickless volume controls  etc.) or…

  • AD1940 、ADAU1442 product tools

    whether ADI provide AD1940 、ADAU1442 product tools?

  • AD1940,ADAU1446 - Output noise




    Testing the AD1940 and ADAU1446 Evaluations Boards, with a simple circuit (in directly to out), just using one channel (mono), I put a 1Khz sinus at input, and check the output test pin (with no loads). Let's see the signal. I've noted a noise…

  • Problem SPI communication with AD1940


    I make the prototype of active crossover with AD1940 and PIC18F67J60.

    But I have  a problem that SPI communication between PIC18F67J60 and AD1940 during test prototype board.

    I made test code for PIC18F67J60 that read core register (address 2642…

  • eval-ad1940 and reverb

    I may have discovered a bug in the reverb program.


    Anyhow, I am using simplest setup .: 2 ins-2outs reverb in between. It complies fine but i get no output.


    The straight thru connection ( removed reverb block) works fine..

    Using sigma studio 3…

  • AD1940 and ADL virtual surround

    I have an application where I am using the ADL virtual surround module 5.1 to virtual setting . Anyhow, I am only driving the left and right surround inputs. During listening   test when hard panning a signal left or right , the surround effect is better…

  • Problems with multiply - AD1940 on SigmaStudio

    I'm using two sources, one DC with 28.0 and a sine tone, then multiplying it and using the real time display (in 28.0 format) to see the result. The negative numbers are represented as the maximum positive value.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Also, when…

  • AD1940 RMS Filter design for SigmaStudio

    Dear ADI supporter.


    we are using AD1940 device on SigmaStudio.

    we want to design RMS filter function on sigmastudio. but not found filter design example.

    please let me know how to design RMS Filter on Sigmastudio.