• RE: ADAU1761 can run SRS WOW HD ?

    The list of algorithms available for each processor is changing with each build (as we port some algorithms to new cores, or develop completely new algorithms), so it would be difficult to keep an up-to-date list.

    However, here's a recent list of some…

  • AD1940

    I am designing a system with a AD1940 controlled off a Pic24F microcontroller.

    For testing the hardware, I have a simple 4 in 4 out schematic, no processing, no volume controls.  Straight in straight out.

    I a have a 12.288 MHz master clock, with 4 inputs…

  • AD1940

    Hi   engineers:

                           There is a customer in China who is using our AD1940. He use SigmaStudio to configure the level detector function in AD1940 as the figure. After the configuration, export the 0_IC_1_PARAM.h header file and he do not find the Level RTA…

  • Problem SPI communication with AD1940


    I make the prototype of active crossover with AD1940 and PIC18F67J60.

    But I have  a problem that SPI communication between PIC18F67J60 and AD1940 during test prototype board.

    I made test code for PIC18F67J60 that read core register (address 2642…

  • Can I use a universal Usbi board to connect the Evaluation?

    Hi to all of engeneer guys. I’m new at the engeneer zone and I have a question about a project with ADAU1701 or AD1940.

    Is possible to connect the evaluation board 1701 or  AD1940 with a Common I2c to Usb converter that exist on the market?

    Or works…

  • RE: ad1940 slewram problem

    The slew controls are a bit complicated to use. In the AD1940, they are assigned to dedicated hardware registers. I would suggest that you start by reading pages 20 to 23 in the AD1940 datasheet, which describe the operation and usage of the hardware…

  • AD1940可以用自定义c语言来编译吗


  • RE: Embedded processor advice.

    Even though you prototyped this system using an AD1940 evaluation board, it seems like the ADAU1701 or ADAU1446 might be a better fit for the finished product. The AD1940 does not have a self-boot mechanism or GPIO pins, so it would necessitate some external…

  • AD1940 、ADAU1442 product tools

    whether ADI provide AD1940 、ADAU1442 product tools?

  • RE: 1940 hot problem


    I'd just like to add to what Coleman wrote, just to provide some peace of mind for you. The AD1940 has shipped millions of units over the past 10 years in automotive applications, where our customers routinely do high temperature testing. We are…