• RE: How to Use AD1939 and SC589?

    Hi @DaveThib. 

    I have a idea to test project, I use sru adc->dai_pin01 and dai_pin01-> dai_pin02  dai_pin02->dac.

    the codec ad1939 is standalone mode, use i2s 48k, dsp pcg give the BCLK and LRCLK to codec ad1939.

    and I can hear the sound. but…

  • AD1939 CODEC sample rate

    For the AD1939 CODEC, data sheet specifies sample rates of 128/176.4/192 kHz if you set control register to '10'.  We did that and are at 192 kHz.  How do we get 128 kHz instead ?  That's the ADC/DAC sample rate we really want.  Thanks.

  • AD1939 ALRCLK Constant regardless of sample rate setting

    I'm working with the ADSP-21489 EZ-board, which has an AD1939 clocked on a 12.288 MHz oscillator. My test input is an SPDIF audio stream @ 48kHz. Ultimately I want to work in some proprietary routines that require the sample rate to increase to 4x (i…

  • RE: Proper SPORT Initialization - TDM (Multichannel) Mode

    Hi Jordan,

    As this issue already handled via private support, posting the outcome here for other to benefit,
    We understand that you are referring to "21489 AD1939 C Block-Based Talkthru 48 or 96 kHz" example code available in the VisualDSP…
  • RE: Bus Architecture for two AD1939's and ADAU1452

    Hi Dave,

    For the DAC Data Bus it looks like there are a couple of choices:

    1. TDM-4 Dual Line directly from ADAU1452 to each AD1939 

    2. Daisy Chain the AD1939

    Option 1 seems simpler with a lower bit clock frequency. Would either work and do you have a…

  • problem with the DAI interface of 21489

    If I configure the DAI pins in I2S (no package),and how many input and outpute channels can support?

    And another question,the signal to noise ratio of AD1939 can't satisfy our project, May I have other chips which have same pins with AD1939.


  • RE: ad1939 driver - no alsa for dsPIC33


    We do not have a driver in a form that will help you. However, you can run out the AD1939 register definitions from SigmaStudio and use this as a reference for having your PIC send out SPI commands to configure the AD1939.



  • RE: Differential Sallen-Key Filter

    Hi Jan,

    The best way to go about understanding the filter is by simulating it. Attached is a schematic that you can run simulations and play around with.

    This DAC output filter can be used with the AD1939 (Figure 31 of the AD1939 data sheet).


  • AD1939 in 21469 Ezkit

    Hello all,

    I am using the AD1939 codec in the 21469 EzKit. I see the clock (12.88Mhz) for this Codec is generated internally by a crystal. I would like this frequency to be generated by a TIMER in the AD21469. How could i map this timer as the CLK to…