• how to set AD1938 if I need AD1938 ADC&DAC are slave


         I have a question :now i use ADSP2189 to singal process and AD1938 to AD&DA convert,if I set ADSP21489 is slave ,and AD1938 ADC(master) input single,DAC(slave) output single are no problem, but if i use ADSP21489 to master  control AD1938,the…

  • [#5247] sound/soc/blackfin/bf5xx-{ad1938,tdm}.c build fail after linux-2.6.30 upgrade

    [#5247] sound/soc/blackfin/bf5xx-{ad1938,tdm}.c build fail after linux-2.6.30 upgrade

    Submitted By: Mike Frysinger

    Open Date

    2009-06-11 21:05:14     Close Date

    2009-06-29 15:19:04


    Medium     Assignee:

    Barry Song


    Closed     Fixed In Release…

  • alsa player not showing ad1938 in raspberry pi


         I want to use ad1938 with raspberry pi. I have added an entry for ad1938 in SPI devices of board file of raspberry pi.

    #ifdef CONFIG_BCM2708_SPIDEV

    static struct spi_board_info bcm2708_spi_devices[] = {




  • adau1452 and multiple ad1938

    I'm looking for confirmation of my approach to interface adau1452 to 2 or more ad1838 codecs.   I understand ther may be multiple ways to accomplish this, but I'm planning to configure the digital audio serial ports of the ADAU1452 in TDM8 mode and…

  • Auto Ramp function for AD1938

     Hi team,

    I have a question for AD1938 auto ramp function from customer via our distributor

    The auto ramp function is mentioned in the data sheet P.1  as "Log volume control with autoramp function"  but no any explanation. Where can I find the…

  • AD1938 - I2S interface pins driver strength


    I am using EVAL-AD1938 for evaluating AD1938.

    I am configuring AD1938 as a slave for both BCK and LRC. i.e. BCK and LRC will be provided by Master(FPGA in my case).

    I am not able to find sink/source current information related to AD1938(and CPLD…

  • [AD1938] clock type/word length for 8-channel AUX ADC mode


    I'd like to set AD1938 to 8-channel AUX ADC mode, and connect an extra ADC to AD1938. See Figure15 in AD1938's datasheet.

    The extra ADC support only 2-channel I2S clock (SCLK = 64LRCLK).

    My question is: (1) what's the clock format generated…

  • AD1938 TDM Frame Sync format

    I plan to use an AD1938 in TDM mode together with a PIC32MX (or PIC32MZ).  Receiving data from the ADC's should work, but it does not support generating 8-channel TDM -- it cannot generate a frame sync (LRCLK) as depicted in the AD1938 document.

    The P…

  • RE: looking for ADAU1361/ADAU1328 reference implementation for Blackfin

    Hi Scott,

    The ADAU1328 is the non-automotive version of the AD1938; the example code for the AD1938 should work well for the ADAU1328.

    Best regards,


  • RE: ADAU1442 TDM4 mode and synchronization with CODECS AD1938

    Hi Christian,

    I am concerned about clock synchronization in the setup as you have described it. If you are running each AD1938 from its own independent crystal, and driving each codec's LRCLK and BCLK ports from an external device, I think you will have…