• how to set AD1938 if I need AD1938 ADC&DAC are slave


         I have a question :now i use ADSP2189 to singal process and AD1938 to AD&DA convert,if I set ADSP21489 is slave ,and AD1938 ADC(master) input single,DAC(slave) output single are no problem, but if i use ADSP21489 to master  control AD1938,the…

  • AD1938: what is the formula to transform the data received from AD1938 into volts?

    I want to display a sine wave signal in a software program that I apply to the analog audio input of the codec. I get the data in the receive buffer, then convert it from a fixed-point format to a 32-bit floating-point format, but I do not know how to…

  • AD1938 Clock


    I am design broadcasting equipment and am using the ad1938 for the audio of the system

    i have an external clock (12.288Mhz crystal) connected to the MCLKI  but i would like to just use that for the ADC  and use the BCLK from another device for the…

  • ad1938 output

    Just got confussion regarding DAC output,
    When I send 0, I have 1.5V - OK,
    when I send 0x800000, I have 40mV - OK
    but when I send 0x7FFFFF I have only 1.5V (same like 0), I should have something around 2.8V?

    When I am sending FS sinusoid (0x7FFFFF, 0x800000…

  • Question about AD1938

    Hi -

    I am re-posting your question as a discussion in the Audio Community.  Someone here should be able to assist you.  Here is the original question.

    i want setting BCLK and LRCLK on axi_i2s_adi for DAC ( ad1938 ).

    (48Khz, stereo, 16bit)


  • AD1938 Clock

    Hi all,

    I'm looking at running an AD1938, using the internal PLL to generate a clock off of the LRCLK. If I do that, what should I do with the MCLKI and MCLKO pins? Terminate them? Leave them float?



  • AD1938 with asymmetric input


    i was wondering if it is possible to use the input of the AD1938 with an asymmetric input and - for cost condition- with very few input component. The idea is to use only ADC-IN-Pos of the codec and load ADC-IN-Neg to ground. Of course, I've got…

  • AD1938 in TDM Mode

    I want to work in TDM mode with 4 outputs but have difficulty understanding the register configuration. 

    Some details:

    I have an external clock which delivers 25MHz to MCLK, external clock of 12.5MHz to DBCLK, and an external DLRCLK of 48.8kHz.

    The clocks…

  • AD1938 BCLK trouble

    Hello to all,

    i designed a product with the adau1442 and multiply AD1938 Audio Codecs. In first i transfert all the audio datastream in stereo mode. Now i want to minimise the cable and change the system to work with TDM8 mode. So this is still working…

  • AD1938 TDM Configuration


    I want to send data from DSP to AD1938 via TDM mode (32 kHz sampling rate).