• how to set AD1938 if I need AD1938 ADC&DAC are slave


         I have a question :now i use ADSP2189 to singal process and AD1938 to AD&DA convert,if I set ADSP21489 is slave ,and AD1938 ADC(master) input single,DAC(slave) output single are no problem, but if i use ADSP21489 to master  control AD1938,the…

  • Two AD1938 in daisy chain with ADAU1452


    I am trying to connect two AD1938 in "daisy chain" mode to one ADAU1452 DSP, but I am stuck... 

    The first thing I want to do is to config the hardware registers on both codecs so they can work in "daisy chain". For that I am using USBi and…

  • AD1938: what is the formula to transform the data received from AD1938 into volts?

    I want to display a sine wave signal in a software program that I apply to the analog audio input of the codec. I get the data in the receive buffer, then convert it from a fixed-point format to a 32-bit floating-point format, but I do not know how to…

  • RE: AD1938 + ADAU1452 (I/O configuration)

    Hello Sashkashka,

    Please look at the eval board for the ADAU1452. Some of your questions can be answered by looking at the user guide. Here is the link to the product page for the eval board.

    EVAL-ADAU1452RevBZ Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

    The AD1938…

  • AD1938 Clock


    I am design broadcasting equipment and am using the ad1938 for the audio of the system

    i have an external clock (12.288Mhz crystal) connected to the MCLKI  but i would like to just use that for the ADC  and use the BCLK from another device for the…

  • ad1938 output

    Just got confussion regarding DAC output,
    When I send 0, I have 1.5V - OK,
    when I send 0x800000, I have 40mV - OK
    but when I send 0x7FFFFF I have only 1.5V (same like 0), I should have something around 2.8V?

    When I am sending FS sinusoid (0x7FFFFF, 0x800000…

  • Question about AD1938

    Hi -

    I am re-posting your question as a discussion in the Audio Community.  Someone here should be able to assist you.  Here is the original question.

    i want setting BCLK and LRCLK on axi_i2s_adi for DAC ( ad1938 ).

    (48Khz, stereo, 16bit)


  • AD1938 Clock

    Hi all,

    I'm looking at running an AD1938, using the internal PLL to generate a clock off of the LRCLK. If I do that, what should I do with the MCLKI and MCLKO pins? Terminate them? Leave them float?



  • AD1938 with asymmetric input


    i was wondering if it is possible to use the input of the AD1938 with an asymmetric input and - for cost condition- with very few input component. The idea is to use only ADC-IN-Pos of the codec and load ADC-IN-Neg to ground. Of course, I've got…

  • AD1938 BCLK trouble

    Hello to all,

    i designed a product with the adau1442 and multiply AD1938 Audio Codecs. In first i transfert all the audio datastream in stereo mode. Now i want to minimise the cable and change the system to work with TDM8 mode. So this is still working…