• AD1937 with BF533

    Hi, I´m using AD1937 codec with BF533 on my own board. The problem is that DAC is not working. Digital signals are ok but the analog out is always 1.5V. Could anybody suggest me what test could I do?


  • AD1937 Design Issue.

    Dear Sir :

    My customer chose AD1937 for design recently.A capacitor was connected to the output of the DAC.Then it connected to ClassD-Amp.
    I suggested that he use MLCC, but his end customers suggested to use electrolytic capacitors for design.

  • AD1937 AVDD & DVDD supply order?

    In which order does AVDD and DVDD need to be supplied to AD1937?

    Can I start by supplying DVDD first and then AVDD? Or do they need to come up simultaneously, and with how much of a max voltage difference?


  • AD1937 - does it support 8kHz


    I am using AD1937, I need to 8kHz sampling frequency application with AD1937 but first page in the manual  said that it supports 8kHz to 192kHz.

    But I can't find how to set register to use for 8kHz.

    How can I set AD1937 to support 8kHz?

  • AD1937 - asking 4channel TDM configuration

    Hello, AD Engineers.

    I have a question about 4 channel, 16bits, TDM single line configuration.

    I set 4 channel, 48kHz, 16bits, TDM single line, master mode with direct MCLK mode(48kHz*512) in AD1937.

    I checked frequency from BCLK(6.144MHz), FS…

  • RE: AD1937 evaluation board

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your interest in the AD1937 codec.

    The USBi control interface and Register Window Builder program are only able to control the registers in the AD1937; the routing of clock and data on the eval board are not affected by this control…

  • AD1937: Failure due to  I2C interface

    We have an audio device built around the ADAU1445-DSP and the AD1937 CODEC. 
    The ADAU1445-DSP is the clock master.
    Both of them are controlled on the same I2C bus by a processor, with a
    software, (‘bit bang’), I2C.
    7 bit address of the…
  • AD1937 - To use Single Daisy chain

    I am trying to use single daisy chain in AD1937.
    I want to check my idea for single daisy chain connection between DSP and AD1937s before making test module.
    Please review this idea.
  • ADAU1467 selfboot and AD1937 i2c

    I'm using the ADAU1467 driving a AD1937.

    I'm able to configure the codec and all is working fine only if I don't select the selfboot mode. 

    In order to use the selfboot mode, I load the eeprom (via dsp) by selecting the button "secondary i2C…

  • AD1937 input into ADAU1442?

    Hi Guys,

    I have my board up and running but I'm having issues with getting an input into the 144x. If i generate a sine wave in the DSP i can see the wave form on my DAC outputs so i know the 1442 is talking to the 1937 but if i replace the sine wave…