• RE: AD1937 I2C


    Problem is seen Master Device is accessing other slave and not AD1937

    Slave ACK to Master Stop is delayed by 2.5ms and AD1937 PLL is unlocked .

    Master Device can read the AD1937 registers except for PLL Lock indicator bit which is not locked .

  • RE: I2S hardware connection for ADSP21489

    Hi Sir Dave,

          thanks for the reply for AD1937. My AD1937 was just used for analog input/output signals. My concerns was the ADSP21489 if it can handle other all the IC's I2S whish include the Ad1937 in I2S protocol(to process the analog input signals…

  • AD1937 - does it support 8kHz


    I am using AD1937, I need to 8kHz sampling frequency application with AD1937 but first page in the manual  said that it supports 8kHz to 192kHz.

    But I can't find how to set register to use for 8kHz.

    How can I set AD1937 to support 8kHz?

  • RE: AD1937 - To use Single Daisy chain

    Hi Songhee,

    Your drawing of the AD1937 in Single-Line Daisy-Chain TDM mode for both ADC and DAC paths is correct. I would make one small addition: the AD1937(First) has ASDATA2 and DSDATA2 pins. The ASDATA2 pin of AD1937(First) should be connected to…

  • Asking 2.5V I2S signal level with AD1937

    Hello, AD Engineers.

    Can AD1937 recorgnize 2.5V as high?

    I saw that min Vih in manual page 6 is 2.0V. Does it mean that I can use 2.5V I2S signals with AD1937?



  • AD1937 for 4 mono input output configuration

    Hi We are planning to use AD1937 in one of our designs .

    Our requirement is 4 mono audio input and 4 mono audio output.

    Can we use AD1937 for this kind of application.

  • RE: AD1939 in selfboot system

    Hello Fabio,

    The ADAU1446 can only self-boot in I2C mode and can only be an I2C slave with the exception of when it self-boots. The AD1937 does not need an external EEPROM to work in standalone mode but the available modes are limited. The ADAU1446 cannot…

  • Asking about AD1937 noise

    Hello, Analog Device.

    I am debugging some developing board, it has AD1937 and I just apply power and DAC out has some high frequency noise.

    I didn't program ad1937 at all but DAC out has some noise(attachment: test.m4a), is it possible?

    I am attaching…

  • AD1937:Distortion noise when wav file finishes playing

    Hi, ADI

    >I have a problem when used AD1937 on my board.We can saw a clear distortion when we play the sine wav file, we also use the Cool Edit Pro tools to review the soure file, it's a good sine wavform, not found any distortion from the begining to…

  • AD21489 and AD1937


    Is there any reference design of the Analog Devices DSP chip (AD21489) and Analog Devices CODEC (AD1937)?

    By the way, I would like to confirm that the AD1937 can be configured so that the output is I2S. If can, how to set the serial data output…