• ADAU1467 booting 3 x AD1937 codec's

    Hi there,

    I'm working on a design with a central ADAU1467 DSP connected to 3 x AD1937 codecs so I can have 4 x balanced audio (mic/line) inputs and 24 balanced audio outputs.  I'm at the stage of considering the control.  I like how on the EVAL…

  • Balanced output from AD1937

    Hi there,

    I would like some assistance with an AD design for the balanced outputs from the AD1937 codecs.  The reference designs I have seen, and on our evaluation board, are typically for unbalanced audio outputs with OpAmps.  We need all outputs to be…

  • ad1937


    i would like to use ad1937 for my design.

    design is based on 3 mono line level audio inputs, and 7 mono audio outputs. all ins-outs at 48khz.

    I'm looking thou at the reccomended circuits for input outputs that would make the use of this chip extremely…

  • AD1937 I2C

    Hi ,

    Could you please let me know what is min clock frequency for I2C .

    We are seeing Slave ACK to Master Stop is delayed by 2.5ms .

    Thanking you

    With best regards and wishes

  • ad1937 breakout board


    for our project we did set up a board to use ad1937,

    could an expert have a look to the board design?

  • Clock AD1937

    Hi all

    I'm doing a project using that AD 1397 connected to an FPGA. I'm a bit confused about the clock setup of the device. my strategy what's to let the ADC generate clock signals from the ABCLK and ALRCLK pins to the FPGA. I am using an external…

  • Asking about AD1937 noise

    Hello, Analog Device.

    I am debugging some developing board, it has AD1937 and I just apply power and DAC out has some high frequency noise.

    I didn't program ad1937 at all but DAC out has some noise(attachment: test.m4a), is it possible?

    I am attaching…

  • ad1937 - asking internal PLL

    Hello, AD Engineers.

    I am testing ad1937 DAC slave mode and I have some noise issue from ad1937.

    Actually I am using independent clock source for DSP and AD1937 MCLKI. I think that different clock source can cause noise, because ad1937 master mode doesn…

  • AD21489 and AD1937


    Is there any reference design of the Analog Devices DSP chip (AD21489) and Analog Devices CODEC (AD1937)?

    By the way, I would like to confirm that the AD1937 can be configured so that the output is I2S. If can, how to set the serial data output…

  • AD1937 Design Issue.

    Dear Sir :

    My customer chose AD1937 for design recently.A capacitor was connected to the output of the DAC.Then it connected to ClassD-Amp.
    I suggested that he use MLCC, but his end customers suggested to use electrolytic capacitors for design.