• AD1937 AVDD & DVDD supply order?

    In which order does AVDD and DVDD need to be supplied to AD1937?

    Can I start by supplying DVDD first and then AVDD? Or do they need to come up simultaneously, and with how much of a max voltage difference?


  • ad1937


    i would like to use ad1937 for my design.

    design is based on 3 mono line level audio inputs, and 7 mono audio outputs. all ins-outs at 48khz.

    I'm looking thou at the reccomended circuits for input outputs that would make the use of this chip extremely…

  • ad1937 breakout board


    for our project we did set up a board to use ad1937,

    could an expert have a look to the board design?

  • AD1937 I2C

    Hi ,

    Could you please let me know what is min clock frequency for I2C .

    We are seeing Slave ACK to Master Stop is delayed by 2.5ms .

    Thanking you

    With best regards and wishes

  • AD1937 Design Issue.

    Dear Sir :

    My customer chose AD1937 for design recently.A capacitor was connected to the output of the DAC.Then it connected to ClassD-Amp.
    I suggested that he use MLCC, but his end customers suggested to use electrolytic capacitors for design.

  • Clock AD1937

    Hi all

    I'm doing a project using that AD 1397 connected to an FPGA. I'm a bit confused about the clock setup of the device. my strategy what's to let the ADC generate clock signals from the ABCLK and ALRCLK pins to the FPGA. I am using an external…

  • Asking about AD1937 noise

    Hello, Analog Device.

    I am debugging some developing board, it has AD1937 and I just apply power and DAC out has some high frequency noise.

    I didn't program ad1937 at all but DAC out has some noise(attachment: test.m4a), is it possible?

    I am attaching…

  • ad1937 - asking internal PLL

    Hello, AD Engineers.

    I am testing ad1937 DAC slave mode and I have some noise issue from ad1937.

    Actually I am using independent clock source for DSP and AD1937 MCLKI. I think that different clock source can cause noise, because ad1937 master mode doesn…

  • AD21489 and AD1937


    Is there any reference design of the Analog Devices DSP chip (AD21489) and Analog Devices CODEC (AD1937)?

    By the way, I would like to confirm that the AD1937 can be configured so that the output is I2S. If can, how to set the serial data output…

  • AD1937 with BF533

    Hi, I´m using AD1937 codec with BF533 on my own board. The problem is that DAC is not working. Digital signals are ok but the analog out is always 1.5V. Could anybody suggest me what test could I do?