• Hidden auto mute feature in AD1934?


    I use the AD1934 to build a precision audio generator. I want to play back audio with very precise timing in the 1ms range. I notice a lag of ~6ms when I turn ON my audio stream, which is supplied by an FPGA. The TDM clocks are always on. My guess…

  • Connect AD1934 with BF547 through I2C bus


    Can I connect audio codec AD1934 with BF547 through I2C bus? Hope you have similar experience to share with me. Thanks!


  • Use of passive output filters with AD1934


    Like with the ADAU1962A and the ADAU1966A, I would like to be able to use the AD1934 with passive output filters.

    Kindly suggest the recommended circuit with component values.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Register setting for normal TDM mode in AD1934


    I try to use an AD1934 in TDM mode with 8 channels. My register setting is as follows.

    ad1934_write_reg(0, 0b10011101); // PLL0: DAC active, PLL intput MCLK, MCLKO off, Input 512xfs, PLL power down
  • The byte size between BF518F spi and AD1934 spi

    Recently, I use the BF518F to control the AD1934. I know that the AD1934's SPI port allows a microcontroller to adjust volume and many other parameters. AD1934's SPI format is similar to the Motorola SPI format except the input data-word is 24…

  • About a necessity of DVDD supply for AD1934

    Hello all,

    I have couple of questions.

    I am using ADCADAU1977 and DAC (AD1934) to accomplish an application “ANC”(Active noise canceler.)

    The ADC has only Analog power supplies which are AVDD. (There is IOVDD but I could not understand how it works…

  • About a dynamic range of AD1934 at 192kHz

    Hello all, 

    I have a question.

    Could you tell me the dynamic range [dB] of AD1934 at 192kHz please?

    It seems that the test conditions on the data sheet was at 48kHz and did not have the score at 192kHz.

    Best Regards,

    Yuta Mihara

  • about SPI specification on AD1934(DAC) data sheet

    Hello all,

    I have some questions in AD1934 (DAC) SPI specification.




    In terms of tCOE, tCOH, and tCOTS,

    what the figure9 says and what the table 7 says are different.

    Could you explain about this?



    CCLK freqency is 4.1MHz so…

  • About the figure 1 of the AD1934 data sheet.

    Hello all,

    The figure 1 of the data sheet does not explain which block AVDD is being supplied and which block DVDD is being supplied.

    Could I get a little more detailed block diagram or any information regarding this.

    Thank you very much.

    Yuta Mi…

  • About a necessity of MCLK on AD1934 when SPI-ing

    Hello ADI,

    I have a question.

    We are now trying to control DAC(AD1934) by SHARC(ADSP21489).

    We are thinking to use DLRCLK for DAC PLL Input, not using MCLKI/XI, MCLOKO/XO pins,

    Do we need to use MCLK when we configure registers by SPI?

    Thank yo…