• AD1934


    I'm using the codec ad1934 to have 2 channels with I2S protocol but I can't find several informations in the datasheet. I'm using a 16,934 mHz crystal oscillator for the mclk but it doesn't run. All the register values are at 0x00.…

  • AD1934 I2C control


    I want to hook up a AD1934 Audio DAC to a SigmaDSP processor.

    The control will be done by an external microcontroller using I2C.

    The problem is that the datasheet is unclear about how to use I2C or wether it even supports it.

    There are several…

  • Making the AD1934 give output

    I am trying out a weird combination to make the AD1934 work.

    This is my register configuration:

    PLL clock control 0 : 0b10001000 (Input 256xfs, 256 x fs output at MCLKO, internal MCLK enable)

    PLL clock control 1 : 0b00000000 (DAC clock source and clock…

  • AD1934 Hardware Setting Issue

    Hello ,

            I am want to use AD1934 to design my audio system , but I not found any reference design or EVB information on website. Could you help me to use AD1934 ?

    Thank you.


  • AD1934 recommended Loop Filter component values


    I'm using an AD1934 DAC for my product and the datasheet recommends some component values for the Loop Filter (see https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD1934.pdf p.25, Loop Filter for LRCLK)

    39nF cap,

    2.2nF cap…

  • AD1934 SPI读数据异常

    使用MPC5604B MCU与AD1934通过SPI通讯传数据,在读数据时,读到的波形时钟为锯齿波,如附件,请各位大侠看看


  • AD1934 Blackfin DSP 接口程序

    我在使用BF518F+AD1934做音频播放,我之前在ADI网站找到过AD193X系列的BF DSP的驱动程序,现在找不到了。哪位工程师帮我解答一下~~~急需参考程序。

  • About AD1934 at 192kHz without PLL

    From AD1934's datasheet, I understand that I can run this device without the PLL. My case is the following :

    - AD1934 is master on the I2S link (the device outputs both the bit clock and the L/R clock)

    - Stereo data, bit clock at 64xFs, 16-b data…

  • total delay of ADAU1977 and AD1934

    Hello support team,

    I want to clarify total delay of ADAU1977 and AD1934 (at fs=48kHz) .
    Group delay is specified in each datasheet as 22.9844/fs and 25/fs respectively, but how many extra sampling clocks do I need to assume for "Serial Auto Port" portion…

  • AD1934 interface with Beaglebone - AD193x codec


    We are currently trying to interface the AD1934 DAC with the BeagleBone. We are going to use I2S and an external PLL clock generator for a master clock. The MCASP will be slaved to use the PLL clock and will generate the LRCLK and the Frame CLK…