• RE: ADMP441, SSM2529 Speech transmission

    I would recommend that you look at the AD1938; this is the full codec version of the AD1934. This codec, as well as the AD1934 DAC, work well in the 32 kHz rate environment, using the PLL at 256 x Fs clock rate.

  • AD1934 Hardware Setting Issue

    Hello ,

            I am want to use AD1934 to design my audio system , but I not found any reference design or EVB information on website. Could you help me to use AD1934 ?

    Thank you.


  • The example of TDM with two DAC chip like ad193x?

    Recently I used the BF518 to control two AD1934 to play audio through TDM mode.Last ad1934s can play in 8 channels.  Could you give me some examples? Like this picture.

  • Two ad1934 in Single-Line DAC TDM Daisy-Chain Mode  the registers configuation

    I use the BF518 to control two ad1934 ,and ad1934 in Single-Line DAC TDM Daisy-Chain Mode.LIke the next picture.

    The next is my register configuation ,is right?


    PLL_Control_0 --0x88

    PLL_Control_1 -- 0x00,

    DAC_Control_0 -- 0x40, ***???

  • Total delay of AD1934

    Dear support team,

    I want to know total delay of AD1934.

    In datasheet, Group delay of DAC interporation filter is 42us@192kHz.

    Is it total delay?

    If no, please teach me total delay(Analog input to output register, not include shift time of I2S)


  • The byte size between BF518F spi and AD1934 spi

    Recently, I use the BF518F to control the AD1934. I know that the AD1934's SPI port allows a microcontroller to adjust volume and many other parameters. AD1934's SPI format is similar to the Motorola SPI format except the input data-word is 24…

  • AD1934 interface with Microcontroller - Not able to hear anything on DAC output


    I'm interfacing the AD1934 DAC to an MCU's SPI interface. I have connected a 12.288MHz external clock signal to the MCLKI pin and left MCLKO pin as open.

    Following are the AD1934's register configuration.

    DAC Control 1 --> 0x60

  • RE: about SPI specification on AD1934(DAC) data sheet

    Hello Dave

    I still have a question about this SPI timing.

    You have already given me answers for the tCOE, tCOH, and tCOT.


    I am fine with your answer. Thank you so much.

    tCOH and tCOT

    I am thinking a case where the "Table 7 on the AD1934 data…

  • RE: AD1934 data bits per channel is only 32bits in single-line DAC TDM or Dual-Line DAC TDM?

    Thanks your reply again.

    Question1: "The position of the MSB is set by bits [5:3] in the DAC Control 0 Register 0x02." ?!  Is this you? If DSP transmit 16bits data such as  0x9306(1001_0011_0000_0110) and [5:3] are seclected 000. AD1934 will…