• AD1896: Configuration

    Please I would like to know how to configure the AD1896 to convert the incoming
    44.1khz sample rate to 192khz. I use an CS8416 as receiver and a CS43122 as AD


    The AD1896 can be used with a 192kHz output in slave mode, it…
  • AD1896 samplerate

    Good afternoon!

    Tell me, please, what is needed configuration pins MCLK and MSMODE of AD1896 to output a fixed 96kHz frequency at different input frequency?

  • Input I2S AD1896

    Hi ,

    Default I2S bitclock is set to 64fs.

    Could someone tell me if we can use it 32fs and not 16bit .

    or 24 bit @ 48fs .

    Thanking you 

    With best regards and wishes 

  • Problem with AD1896 ASRC


           I´m currently developing an audio DAC device with an AD1896 ASRC to reduce bitrate abd jitter.
    The input data (SCLK_IN, LRCLK_IN, SDATA_IN) comes from a CS8416 SPDIF digital reciever and looks like correct. The parameters of input data are given…

  • Problem with AD1896 SRC


    i´m curently developing an audio DAC device with an AD1896 smaple rate

    converter to reduce jitter. The input data comes from a Cirrus Logic CS8416 SPDIF reciever and seems to be correct.

    Now my problem is that the MUTE_out pin of the AD1896…

  • AD1896/AD1895 MCLK_I jitter tolerance


    When external clock signal is supplied to MCLK_I pin of AD1895/96, how much jitter is acceptable for proper operation?

  • AD1896 as jitter cleaner and format adjustment for AD1865


    I am working on non-oversampling DAC for CD standard 44.1/16, and looking for simple way of re-clocking I2S input format and realign it to 18-bit EIAJ for AD1865NK. Is there way to use AD1896 for this? I see that there is bypass mode (I don't want…

  • Obsolete DACs - AD1860, AD1856 and similiar + AD1896


    I am a hobbyist, designing DIY DACs based on old, R2R chips.

    Some time ago I finished a project with two mono "DIP16" DACs. Here you can find the schematic: [Schematic] and below, the top layer of the PCB.

    AD1896 works in slave mode,…

  • RE: Mixed sample rates 32k in 48k out ADAU1761 is it possible

    You need ASRC (Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter). It is not available in 1761 (available  only  in more powerful DSPs).  You can use external IC, such as AD1896 from AD. But AD1896 I think too much for this. Look at AK4127, more cheaper but flexible enough…

  • RE: ADAU1442/ADAU1445 ASRC performance

    Yes, the ADAU1442 and ADAU1445's ASRCs were designed using an implementation similar to (but not exactly the same as) the AD1896. The performance characteristics should be nearly identical. You can expect the output of the ADAU144x ASRCs to be very similar…