• RE: Adding TOSLINK / optical input to 1701 project?

    Nice work, thanks for sharing. 

    This might be the most expensive way to do it, though!  The AD1895 is $6, and the WM8804 is $7, so that's a lot of added cost.

    Curious - why didn't you have the ADAU1701 be a clock slave from the WM8804, so you wouldn…

  • SRC AD1895, how much difference between input and output sample rate does trigger the MUTE ?


    I have questions about SRC AD1895.

    In the data sheet, we can find following descriptions.

    Under what conditions does the device detect the change in a sample rate ?

    I afraid that unexpected MUTE occurs during the audio data playback …


  • RE: different input sample rates

    Thanks Bob, I will read AD1895 datasheet, hope it will help.



  • ADAU1701 & AD1895 Master clock


    I have ADAU1701 (256*fs 96kHz) with AD1895 (output master mode 256*fs, up to 96kHz) upsampler.

    Should I use one generator 24.576MHz for both MCLKI ADAU/AD input or should I use two separate local oscillator?

    Two independent local oscillator make…

  • AD1895 in TDM mode


    I need to use AD1895 devices in TDM mode.

    In this mode, for example, if there are 4 devices and one of the devices in the chain them does not get an input, then how would this be taken care in the output?



  • AD1896/AD1895 MCLK_I jitter tolerance


    When external clock signal is supplied to MCLK_I pin of AD1895/96, how much jitter is acceptable for proper operation?

  • ADAU1442/ADAU1445 ASRC performance

    Is any performance or implementation data available for the ASRCs on these SigmaDSP parts such as THD, DNR, or FIR taps/group delay?  If not, I notice the supported ratios match the AD1895/AD1896---is it reasonable to use, say, the AD1895 as a proxy?  Since…

  • AD1896: Configuration

    Please I would like to know how to configure the AD1896 to convert the incoming
    44.1khz sample rate to 192khz. I use an CS8416 as receiver and a CS43122 as AD


    The AD1896 can be used with a 192kHz output in slave mode, it…
  • AD1895 only as a jitter attenuator, without any resampling frequency


    Is it possible to use AD1895 only as a jitter attenuator of the incoming signal (S/PDIF from CD player or from other source converted to I2S on WM8804), with bit-perfect and without any resampling?

    In this way (1:1 fs out to fs in ratio):


  • RE: duel adau1701 different sample rates?

    On the ADAU1701, the serial port rate should be running at the same rate as the SigmaDSP core. In order to connect two devices running at different sampling rates, you would need to use a sample rate converter (SRC) between the two serial ports. The AD1895…