• AD1862

    It seems the AD1862 datasheet doesn't contain the output voltage compliance
    value. What is its value?


    It's not given in the datasheet because the current output should drive the
    virtual earth node of an op amp.
    The AD1862 datasheet doesn…

  • It's about antique R2R ladder DAC (audio dac AD1862)

    Dear support team,
    I have got some pieces of your antique DACs (which is being not continued nowaday), and have marked AD1862 (R2R ladder – 20 bit). I love your AD1865 DAC in my CD player, so I really love your AD1862 too.
    I have read its datasheet for…

  • I\V stage for AD1862 dac

    I'm designing an audio dac based on AD1862 R2R dac chip, I looking for the best dual op amp for it's I\V stage with high slew rate and high stability, low noise, low distortion, I'll appreciate your suggestions.


  • 4xAD1862/channel - summed 21 or 22 bit resulotion - combining all NR1, and NR2 pins?

    Dear Analog Devices Engineers!

    I would have a question about parallel DACs - [4x AD1862/channel]
    1. Combining 4xNR1 pins?
    2. And combining 4xNR2 pins?
    (Bias and voltage reference.)
    Power supply is the same.

    Summed 21 or 22 bit resulotion. 

    Thank you for your…