• AD1835: Output filters

    I have a little question about your audio codec AD1835. There are schematics of
    a typical ADC input antialiasing filter and a DAC output reconstruction filter
    in the datasheet for AD1835. But there are no comments about parameters of
  • AD1835 mono signal possible ?


    I use an AD1835 with the ADSP21369 EZ Kit Lite and I want to work on mono signal. Is that possible to configure the AD1835 to just "send" to the DSP one signal and no the "right-left-right-left..."  serie ?

    Thanks for your answer…

  • AD1835 mono signal possible ?

    This thread would be better placed in the SHARC Processors category, and has been moved here: AD1835 mono signal possible ?

    Thank you.

  • AD1835 don't want to work on 96kHz


    I am trying to run "talkthru analog in-out (asm)" on ADSP-21371 EZ-KIT Lite on 96 kHz, however, without success.

    When I run the original program, that is configured to work on 48 kHz, it is working properly. I tried also to change "IMCLK…

  • talkthrough example on ADSP21369 with AD1835 in TDM mode


    I am trying to implement talkthrough example on ADSP21369 with AD1835 codec in TDM mode (8in/8out). I don't know how to configure AD1835 in TDM mode.

    Can anyone send me the example code which is working on ADSP21369 with AD1835 in TDM mode?

  • AD1835 / Sport ENDIAN order?? or is my code ****?


    I've modified the ASM analogue in/out Talk through on an ADSP21369 EZKIT.

    to do some tests.

    In the sport isr for the data stream in the right channel I've effectively added the following

    r10 = dm(RXSP0A);          //Read ADC Value

    f0 = 0…

  • sending word with SPI to codec

    Hi ,

    I have to send a word with SPI on ADSP21364 to ADAU1361. So i read the example in the visual dsp ++ wich is  using ADSP21364 and AD1835, but i think to do something similar. I don`t understand  what is the Delay(100) for; And this:  int configSize…

  • RE: ADSP 21369 EZKIT RCA loopback


    As far as my understanding is there, ADSP-21369 EZ-Kit lite has AD1835 codec available on the board, which can support only 8 channels on a single TDM data line. For more information I request you to kindly refer to AD1835 datasheet, the link for…

  • RE: ADSP 21364 EZ-kit

    Hi Kabita,

                  From the AD1835 datasheet it looks like the DAC Control 1 bit 2 and ADC Control 1 bit 7 are the ones need to be used for resetting the ADC/DAC. But I am not an expert on AD1835.

    I think you may have to set these bits change the MCLK scalar…

  • RE: TDM mode on ADSP21369

    And by the way, your DMA TDM sample code works perfectly with the AD1835.

    Thanks a lot.