• Questions about AD1674 converter start timing

    My customer is using the CE to be kept high at all times by connecting the CE to the VCC in the picture of the data sheet below.

    At this time, you cannot have Tssc (CS to CE Setup) and Tssr (CS to CE Setup) of CS signal.

    Customers say that there is no…

  • AD1674逻辑输出口


  • 我手上的两批 AD1674的pin8为REF OUT输出参考电压, 为何为2.5V ??

    AD1674的资料上显示,AD1674的pin8为REF OUT ,输出参考10V电压。 但是我们采购的芯片,有两个批次(型号为AD1674ARZ #1322 206836.1 ,还有一个批次的 AD1674BRZ)的REF OUT 输出为2.5V。电压采集功能正常。请问这批产品是不是AD公司为某些用户定制的芯片,还是有质量问题的芯片??

  • AD1674 BIP-OFF terminal unconnected.

    AD1674 is used in a circuit design, on which i am trying to analyze its behavior(write-up) without the hardware testing through the circuit diagram.

    if the BIP OFF terminal is left unconnected. what would be default behavior of ADC chip, like (bi-polar…

  • AD1674 Test code


    Hi there, I'm trying to get a AD1674 ADC to work with an RM57 micro-controller, Does anyone have any sample code (in C) for communicating with these chips?

  • AD1674 Unconnected REFIN and BIP_OFF Input Pins

    Will powering up and trying to operate the AD1674 ADC without any voltages or resistors connected to the REFIN and BIP_OFF pins (pins 10 and 12) cause any stress to the device?

  • RE: Layout of AD1674

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  • RE: 有AD1674的跟51单片机的应用资料吗?

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