• RE: ERROR: [Common 17-69] Command failed: Run 'synth_1' failed. Unable to open

    Below, I provide more details on the error...

    [Thu Jul 24 10:16:00 2014] Waiting for synth_1 to finish...
    [Thu Jul 24 10:17:06 2014] synth_1 finished
    wait_on_run: Time (s): cpu = 00:07:44 ; elapsed = 00:19:21 . Memory (MB): peak = 1161.750 ; gain …

  • RE: Clarifications regarding ADP 5091 eval board usage

    Hi Sagar,

    Regarding the efficiency, you can refer to the user guide 4 and 5. it's better to connect SYS and BAT together.


    You have to…

  • RE: AD9364 RX chain Configuration to 1024KHz

    303.750 kHz is invalid baseband rate!

    The lowest rate you can get is 25MHz/48 = 520.833kHz.

    That's basically the minimum ADC rate divided by the max decimation rate.

    Please use the MATLAB Filter Design Wizard for AD9361 to design the filter.


  • GPIO interrupt


    I have a basic question about the GPIO interface. I'm using a ADRV9361 SOM with the ADRV1CRR breakout board and I'd like to use one of the DIP switches (SW0) in my C application. The gpio file in /sys/kernel/debug already lists SW0 at gpio…

  • RE: ADV7610 Maximum Data Rate

    My Engineer was using my new board at 120Hz on his system and it was working – he was supposed to be testing only 60Hz for me. So we checked out the differences and found a single point between having good or bad video out.

    So for good output my timing…

  • RE: Accessing SYNC_IN on ZedBoard and FMCOMMS4

    The ZYNQ GPIO controller has two sets of pins, the MIO pins and the EMIO pins. The MIO GPIOs are directly connected to fixed output pins of the package, while the EMIO pins are connected to the FPGA fabric and can be routed to any FPGA pin.

  • RE: 9009 Noise Figure

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!--VisualAnalog Canvas File - DO NOT EDIT MANUALLY-->
    <canvas program_version="" display_name="Untitled" s_name="Canvas1" description="" hidden="False" locked="False" securityLevel…

  • RE: AD5933 Understanding gain factor and calibration

    Changing the frequency range did not solve the problem but I am not discounting your point either.

    The problem may be not enough signal at the input amplifier stage.  So I set the output voltage range to 1 (~3 V @ 5V Vcc) AND I switched Rfb to the 100k resistor…

  • 2008-01-28 11:53:55     Build Error with Toolchain Checkout 2157 and modified CFLAGS

    2008-01-28 11:53:55     Build Error with Toolchain Checkout 2157 and modified CFLAGS

    Cameron Barfield (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 50241    I checked out and built toolchain 2157 so I could use the following compile options:

    Vendor/User Settings->Blackfin build…

  • ADV8005 - Unable to get output on TX1?

    I have VSP 1.90Rel, and it's been ported to my platform (Android on ARM) as we have an ADV7619+ADV8005 on the board. TX1 hooks straight to a HDMI-to-MIPI bridge that we've used before (previous revisions of our board didn't have the ADV chips on them…