• RE: Error -22 writing to channel "sampling_frequency" value may not be supported.

    RX 3 GAIN -12 DEC 4
    TX 3 GAIN -12 INT 4
    RRX 800000000 25000000 8333333 4166666 2083333 520833
    RTX 800000000 25000000 8333333 4166666 2083333 520833
    BWRX 433256
    BWTX 433256

  • RE: ADF4351 evaluation board - large spurs in signal - what to do?

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I'm trying to build an exciter for radar transmitter, operating in 960.6-1000.5 MHz band, with 700 kHz channel spacing / steps. That is my end task.

    I thought initially of implementing Integer-N design with a VCO running…

  • RE: ADE7753 Calibration

    I am calibrating using an accurate source and i'm doing the following steps:

    -Calculate/Write CFDEN

    -Write VADIV (equal than CFDEN)

    -Write CFNUM (equal to 0)

    -Write WDIV (equal to CFNUM)

    -Calculate/Write WGAIN

    After i did this steps with a 220V…

  • GPIO interrupt


    I have a basic question about the GPIO interface. I'm using a ADRV9361 SOM with the ADRV1CRR breakout board and I'd like to use one of the DIP switches (SW0) in my C application. The gpio file in /sys/kernel/debug already lists SW0 at gpio…

  • RE: AD9361 FIR Filter configuration with Matlab

    Sorry was my fault

    Using auto-detected IIO context at URI "usb:1.12.5"
    dev 'ad9361-phy', attr 'filter_fir_config', value :'FIR Rx: 128,2 Tx: 128,2'

    Using auto-detected IIO context at URI "usb:1.12.5"
    dev 'ad9361…

  • RE: AD5933 Understanding gain factor and calibration

    Changing the frequency range did not solve the problem but I am not discounting your point either.

    The problem may be not enough signal at the input amplifier stage.  So I set the output voltage range to 1 (~3 V @ 5V Vcc) AND I switched Rfb to the 100k resistor…

  • ADV7619: no audio from recent-vintage Mac mini

    We are having a problem receiving audio from a recent Mac mini using the ADV7619.

    We successfully receive audio for all other sources, and other sinks we've tried have no trouble with audio from the Mac.  In fact, if we run the video from the Mac into…


    We found a probe to look at the actual device clock going to the ADRV9009. The device clock looks clean and consistent over temperature.

    To evaluate our board, we have generated 10 different configurations using the Filter Wizard (v2.4). Thus far, we…

  • RE: FMCOMMS TX DAC sample size hangup


    Did you copy BOOT.BIN and devicetree.dtb from the zynq-zed-adv7511-xcomm folder into the root

    directory of the SD Card's FAT32 partition?

    The image works for me...

    analog@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~$ uname -a

    Linux linaro-ubuntu-desktop 3.6…

  • FAQ: [#6639] xip kernel unable to mount NFS root on 548/537(2011)

    [#6639] xip kernel unable to mount NFS root on 548/537

    Submitted By: Vivi Li

    Open Date

    2011-06-13 06:13:25     Close Date

    2011-10-17 02:31:01


    Medium     Assignee:

    steven miao


    Closed     Fixed In Release:


    Found In Release: