• RE: unipolar current measurements


    This goes back to the incorrect RTIA value in the document.

    1.5V / 44uA = 34.09K.

    Put 34.09K into the equation in the Unipolar Current Measurement document.

    This will give ADC Range = 40, 958

    40,956 / 2^16 * 3.6 = 2.2498V


  • RE: AD9361 TXFIR int 0 RXFIR dec 0 mode Highest OSR

    # Generated with AD9361 Filter Design Wizard 16.1.3
    # MATLAB (R2016a), 23-Sep-2019 11:41:42
    # Inputs:
    # Data Sample Frequency = 4000000 Hz
    TX 3 GAIN 0 INT 2
    RX 3 GAIN -6 DEC 2
    RTX 1024000000 64000000 32000000…

  • RE: BF518 SD Host driver issue

    Hi Vivi,

    The kernel size is 4MB only.

    The kerenl waiting for some time after the below kernel prints then its crashing.

    Writing a byte at a time...done
    Writing intelligently...





    but the test log in the balckfin doc page links…

  • Supported PHY options in AD6LoWPAN?

    Original Question: Supported PHY options in AD6LoWPAN? by NagarjunaG

    What are the supported PHY options in AD6LoWPAN?

    Verified Answer: RE: Supported PHY options in AD6LoWPAN? by NagarjunaG

    AD6LoWPAN Stack supports following PHY options as shown in the…

  • FAQ: Operating Modes & Supported data rates in AD6LoWPAN

    The following table shows the operating modes, corresponding data rates and number of channels that are supported in AD6LoWPAN solution.

    The maximum data rate that is supported currently is 100kbps. The frequency bands and the data rates are according…

  • Writing new parameters to eprom from Raspberry Pi


    I would like to write data on the eprom of an AUDA1452 over SPI from a Raspberry Pi. That basically already works, as long as I compile the programm with Sigmastudio, i get a file, that I can read and then write to the eprom in the same way sigma studio…

  • RE: AD5934(EVAL-CN0349) output frequency problem

    Thanks for your help til now. I got frustrated with the results, especially since some capacitances work and some don't. I decided to test them against a table. Noticing that impedances with expected reactances >200ohm give answers unexpected. My problem…

  • RE: wireless HART mote (DC9003A) link to STM32F103 development board

    //mote 3 log information
    DEBUG ..\Src\dn_fsm_whmt.c:103: QSL: Init
    DEBUG ..\sm_clib\ports\msp430fr4133\dn_uart.c:39: SMIP Serial Initialized
    DEBUG ..\Src\dn_fsm_whmt.c:1277: FSM state transition: 00 --> 0x01 (0 ms)
    Mote initzates successfully!
    This is a…

  • ADV7619: no audio from recent-vintage Mac mini

    We are having a problem receiving audio from a recent Mac mini using the ADV7619.

    We successfully receive audio for all other sources, and other sinks we've tried have no trouble with audio from the Mac.  In fact, if we run the video from the Mac into…

  • RE: AD9361 LO Leakage

    We are using lvds interface.

    We are trying to enable the bist tone by calling the API ad9361_bist_tone(ad9361_phy, BIST_INJ_TX, 0, 0, 0);

    Once the function got over, we do a spi read for the registers 0x3F4 and 0x3F6 which reads out the value 0x03 and…