• What does "Tactical Grade" mean for a MEMS IMU?

    So what qualifies an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) as "Tactical Grade?"  The qualifying metric for IMU grading is the In Run Bias Stability (IRBS) in their gyroscopes, which represents its stability during benign conditions, which include the…

  • AD9208_Data Log Mis-match

    HI! We have designed a customized board  with AD9208 as per layout recommendations. While testing with below configuration it was observed that the ADC data samples logged with I/p 500MHz@-10dBm were junk (looks like noise floor @ -60dBFs)Refer attachment…

  • RE: 4015 not starting the charge process

    Hi Richard and Zack

    If it's any consolation for you Richard, I am also seeing the same problem.

    I'm on Revision 2 of my board. In Rev 1, the 4015 worked perfectly.

    The only change to Rev 2 in this region of the board is I added an external DC…

  • 查一款芯片

    丝印共俩排,8脚。第一排 LTC的商标,952;第二排 0412。有知道这款芯片具体对应的型号么?

  • Profile not loading

    We have been using ADRV9009 as a transceiver for our ZCU102 baseband board. We are using ADI linux as the platform from which we invoke osc. Recently we are facing issues in loading a custom-generated transceiver profile through the Talise-Profile configuration…

  • RE: How to configure filters in the Transmit and receive signal chain for 12 Mbps over the air datarate ?

    I got  following error messages when i tried to do that way. Filter coefficients file is attached for reference.

    Note: Required sampling rate is 33 MHz instead of 30.72 MHz as per my design.

    copy the file in ro0t folder / root@plnx_arm:/# cd /sys/bus/iio…
  • LTSPice simulation problem

    The folowing ascii dump of a simple amplifier. Works under the december 2019 version of ltspice but not under the latest update (oct 2020).

    I interchanged the lib and symbol file but result is still the same.

    AD795.asc dump below

  • RE: ADIS16135 datasheet


    Are these terms: In-Run Bias Stability, Angular Random Walk, Output Noise, and Rate Noise Density; different ways to define the noise of the sensor? Or is the In-Run Bias Stability a different source of noise in the sensor? 


    I am not…