• HMC 751 LNA Testing

    Recently I have requested a sample of HMC 751 LNA with the complete evaluation board from Analog devices that operates from 17-27 GHz with a stable gain of 25 dB. Do i need any additional components to test it? Or I can measure it directly with the VNA…

  • 751: old datasheet

    Is it possible to get datasheets for your old products?


    please find the datasheet attached.
  • [AD5761R/AD5721R]Eval Schematic


    I would like to make clear about EVAL schematic of AD5761R/AD5721R.

    According to UG-751


    Page 7, pin#9 is connected to GND with CAP.

    But Datasheet…

  • RE: ADV7842 ADV7511

    Yes, the ADV7842-751 evaluation has enough SDRAM for TBC and 3D comb filtering

  • RE: EV1HMC1118LP3D Connectors and plating thickness

    The SMA connector info:

    SRI Connector Gage Co

    751 North Drive

    Melbourne FL 32934

    Supplier Part Number: 21-146-1000-01

  • The AD9364 output spurious signal is too large


    I am debugging AD9364,The AD9364 system RX Lo is set at 751 MHz, the bandwidth is 3 MHz, and the TX Lo is 433.92 MHz. When actual test of the spectrum analyzer, whatever the input signal is small or large, there are obvious spurious signals in the…

  • AD9371 Filter Wizard v1.10 creates truncated profile.txt

    I'm trying to create an AD9371 profile using these parameters.

    The profile is generated without errors, but when I output the profile to a file, the resulting profile.txt is truncated in the <tx> section. Here is the resulting file.


  • RE: AD9361, AGC with LTE10 MHz configuration

    Input signal is @752 MHz (carrier frequency = 751 MHz)

    Input level = -30 dBm

    Each time I read 0x1A7  it's changing but for example, I read back some value - -49 dBm, -74 dBm, --84 dBm, -78 dBm ... I think once in a while I read back the expected value…

  • RE: interfacing DE based inputs with ADV7511

    I have never tried to do DE capture only.  We only test to VESA and CEA standards so I am not sure how the device would respond.  Down stream devices use H and V Sync to determine the format so they can set up correctly just like our receivers do. 

    I you…

  • RE: EVAL-ADV7612-7511 Video Evaluation Board Application issue

    At this point I am not sure what you can't reload the application code.  Personally I would just replace UBoot on the the board and then load the application back in.  You probably don't have the tools to do this.  So I'd suggest just RMA'ing this…