• RE: Evaluating the ADF7030-1 at 460 MHz?

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  • [AD8367] - Use at 460 MHz


    I was thinking of using the AD8367 at 460 MHz.

    My question is: which are the performance about OIP3 and OP1dB of amplifier at 460 MHz, when gain is around 23 dB (with 50 Ohm input and output impedance)?

    Many thanks.


    Antonio L.

  • Measuring temperature of ~250°C (460°F)


    I need to measure temperatures between 150-250°C (350-480 °F). Is there any temp sensor which can measure directly?

    If not, which sensor can measure remotely?

    The chip itself will be ~80-100°C (170 - 210°F) hot.

    Any Idea?


  • RE: AD9361 RSSI

    gain_dB + input_signal_level_dBm  <= -50 dBm  (At 460 MHz using the Pluto SDR.)

    Should be: gain_dB + input_signal_level_dBm  <= -40 dBm  (At 460 MHz using the Pluto SDR.)

  • RE: LT8490 not charging battery anymore

    To add some information to what Bastien said about the changes between the working iteration and the non-working one : 

    - Total input capacitance was changed from 110 uF to 460 uF

    - Total output capacitance was changed from 660 uF to 600 uF

    - Rsense2…

  • Phase measurement using 2 Pluto

    The first set up use the 2 Plutos in TX using SatSaGen generator with DC to internal Pluto mixer.

    Both Pluto are fed with the same VCOCXO 40 MHz  Clock  and a daughter board of Pluto in the metal box that provide the termination , insulation and correct…

  • RE: ADRV9009 Profile Configuration Wizard 2.4 - Illegal instruction detected

    <profile Talise version=1 name=Tx_BW100_IR122p88_Rx_BW100_OR122p88_ORx_BW100_OR122p88>

  • RE: EV-ADF4360-9EB1Z

    Are you getting 360 MHz with the default configuration without changing anything and just clicking to "Write All Registers"? That should be giving 360 MHz. 

    Assuming so, the reason of not getting 200 MHz is related with the center frequency of…


    < 		adi,vcxo-freq = <80000000>;
    > 		adi,vcxo-freq = <122880000>;
    < 		//adi,pll1-feedback-div = <4>;
    < 		//adi,pll1-charge-pump-current-nA = <5000>;

  • RE: ADRF6650 REF_IN logic level

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have several questions.

    1. 1.3Vp-p ac signal has range of -0.65V to +0.65V. Is -0.65V OK? If smaller voltage than -0.3V has trouble.

    2. Unfortunately, EVB software is not working on my PC because of driver issue. Evaluation…