• not getting rtc time in bf 458

    hi friends ,

    iam trying to get real time/elapsed time from rtc but iam failing to get it ( getting 1 second always ) , iam attaching the code ,please help me to get through this .


    Sachin pati

  • Phase measurement using 2 Pluto

    The first set up use the 2 Plutos in TX using SatSaGen generator with DC to internal Pluto mixer.

    Both Pluto are fed with the same VCOCXO 40 MHz  Clock  and a daughter board of Pluto in the metal box that provide the termination , insulation and correct…

  • RE: AD9164 stuck at CGS

    AD9164 ACEPlugin can record the startup sequence and generate the sequence. below is from ACEPlugin. it seems like you programmed 0x230 with the wrong value. it should be 0x28. 

    W 0 18
    W 200 1
    R 6
    W D2 52
    W D2 D2
    W 606 2
    W 607 0
    W 604 1
    W 58 3
    W 90 1E…

  • RE: Q. Are there any application notes related to ADPD1080 or Pulse Oximeter?

    Hi Yigit.

    Thank you for your continued help.

    The picture above is a finger clip cable.

    The customer wants to measure SpO2 by connecting a finger clip cable to the ADPD1080.

    I would like to know if ADI provides an application note explaining the connection…

  • RE: How to drive the LED in ADPD4101 sensor?

    Hi Glen,

    We are using 1300nm IR LED and photo diode (part number:  0090-3111-185).

    We were able to get PPG waveform with lot of high peaks involved. We tried to change gain setting of channel where it connected but we have not seen any major difference…

  • RE: AD9637 DC shift at different clock frequencies

    Hi Doug,

    I made a table of results sweeping the sampling rate from 9.2MHZ to 10MHZ. It looks like when I am on the lower and higher ends, that we have the largest difference. 

    The series inductors are replaced with 330 ohms. This seems to provide more…

  • RE: GSM filter for AD9361

    So here is the filter I got from the filter wizard

    # Generated with AD9361 Filter Design Wizard 16.1.3
    # MATLAB (R2019a), 13-Feb-2020 12:23:55
    # Inputs:
    # Data Sample Frequency = 1083333 Hz
    TX 3 GAIN -6 INT 2
    RX 3 GAIN -12 DEC 2

  • ADL5304 Evaluation Board : problem with small currents


    I am using the ADL5304 Evaluation board (default configuration), and I am not being able to measure Vlog according to the datasheet.

    My setup basically consists in a National Instruments (USB 6212) board to generate a 0.2V bias that passes through…

  • NxM Mixer Export Bug in SigmaStudio 3.9 on ADAU1446

    When we create an NxM Mixer in SigmaStudio 3.9 and download that file into the ADAU1446, it compiles quickly, downloads properly, and works as advertised.


    However, when you then go to export system files, and look at your XXXXXX_IC_1_PARAM.h file,…

  • RE: Profile loading using iio-oscilloscope throwing error "Failed to load Profile using selected file"

    <profile Talise version=1 name=Tx_BW200_IR245p76_Rx_BW40_OR61p44_ORx_BW200_OR245p76>