• 433 remote control


    I need to design a 433MHz remote control:

    ° 433Mhz, max : 10 dBm
    ° Distance Range : 500 m 
    ° Antenna is a PCB trace

    Regarding ADF7023, which modulation (ASK, FSK, OOK...) do you advice for :

        Better transmission quality against spurious
        Better…

  • How components to use HMC646 on 450 MHz edition?

     would like to use the HMC646 in an application at 433-450MHz.  The datasheet on page 11-222 shows component values for several frequencies but nothing close to 433-450MHz range that I require.  Can you provide the matching component values for this frequency…

  • RE: ADuCRF101antenna information

    Hi Jeyzz,

    Antenna is the heart of any wireless system; it gives the wireless system three fundamental properties gain, direction, and polarization. Various options are available for antennas depending on frequency, range, usage indoor or outdoors. Selection…

  • FAQ: ADuCRF101 antenna information


    Does ADI have any antenna or PCB recommendation reference available for the ADuCRF101?



    The antenna is the heart of any wireless system; it gives the wireless system three…

  • RE: Evaluating the ADF7030-1 at 460 MHz?

    yes you can order the 433MHz kit and then add 460MHz daughter cards to it. Note the matching network is identical between the 433MHz and 460 MHz boards - they differ purely in that the 433 uses a crystal reference and the 460 a TCXO. The 433 kit comes…

  • ADF4351 LO Power


    I am testing the ADF4351 Evaluation Board and noticed the following:

    • According to the datasheet, the output power is range is -4 to 5 dBm (2 dB steps). 
    • When testing output frequencies under 1 GHz (e.g. 433 MHz), the measured output power value…
  • RE: ADUCRF101 RF distance

    The MK3 in the model number signifies that the model has components on there for operation in the 433 MHz band. You are using it at 915 MHz as per the parameter to RadioSetFrequency so you should start with changing this.

  • RE: What is best FSK Frequency for indoors usages ?

    As far as I know, in the USA, you cannot use 433 MHz or 858 MHz, so it will have to be 915 MHz.

    However, you will need to consult the regulations in your country. Try here: http://reboot.fcc.gov/spectrumdashboard/searchSpectrum.seam

  • ADF7030-1


    I bought the ADF70301 - 433 EZKIT and I can't find, in the ADF70301 data sheet, the noise figure of the transceiver. 

    So I'm here to ask: how can i measure the noise figure of the ADF70301 using the 433EZKIT?

    Thank you for your support

  • RE: Arria10 SX and FMCOMMS2


    Until recently we didn't have support for A10SOC. For the next release, we plan to add support, but we'll only officially support linux. Porting No-OS shouldn't be too complicated.

    For the HDL you can check: https://github.com/analogdevicesinc…