• [Question] EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ(UG-426)

    There are several questions related to EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ (UG-426).

    In the picture of the document, there are four holes around the ADAS1000 and screws are assembled into the holes, but the EVB has only four holes and no screws.

    Q1. Why is there…

  • RE: adas1000


    You need an SDP connector and the evaluation software to communicate with ADAS1000. Please refer to UG-426 (Rev. B) (analog.com)



  • RE: ADAS1000 - Communication


    Do you mean LK12? LK2 and J4 are not related to each other. Please refer to UG-426 (Rev. B) (analog.com) for more details on board configuration


  • ADAS1000SDZ Respiration circuit - External drive and Measure using external Instrumentation


    I'm using the ADAS1000SDZ mainly to evaluate the impedance values due to the respiration. 

    I started using the following hardware configuration: External Drive /Measure via the Ext_RESP Path (User Guide UG-426, pg 31), but I noticed that the…

  • RE: ADAS 1000 - 0.1µF capacitor decoupling - Datasheet Rev C


    Apologies for missing this query. We are just closing off some of the open items in our community.

    We would recommend to use the same decoupling caps as stated in the new rev of datasheet. It is also the same values we used on our EVB. Please see 

  • FAQ: [#6449] Fail to build kgdb in SMP kernel on bf561-ezkit after kernel upgrade(2011)

    [#6449] Fail to build kgdb in SMP kernel on bf561-ezkit after kernel upgrade

    Submitted By: Vivi Li

    Open Date

    2011-01-17 04:12:14     Close Date

    2011-01-31 04:51:34


    Medium     Assignee:

    Sonic Zhang


    Closed     Fixed In Release:


    Found In Release…

  • ad9656

    I run the program on the board designed by myself, using jesd204ip under Xilinx vivado, and external connection

    Ad9656 chip, using fast setting register to 0x44, sending custom data 12345678, can make sync up,

    but One of the channels is found to have…

  • ADAS1000 evaluation board and patient cables

    Q: I've purchased an ADAS1000 evaluation board, the EVAL-ADAS1000SDZ and I need to know how to connect my patient simulator to the board?

    A: As documented in the User Guide, UG-426, the ADAS1000 evaluation board uses a standard DB15 connector with…

  • ADV7513 - Pixel repetition Support


       I am using ADV7513 to convert 24 - Bit Parallel RGB input to HDMI Out.

       The specifications of input is :

                               PCLK: 9 MHz

                               Resolution: 320 x 426

                               Frame Rate:60 fps

       Since the clock frequency is very low, I used Pixel repetition to convert it to…

  • RE: AD628 simulation in LT spice doesn't work

    Hi Rekha K,

    The folks in charge of AD628 model have sent me a new macromodel (with changes "commented") which seems to work in that the Output waveform does show up. I understand the input clamps are not functional in this model, but I've not tested that…