• FAQ: ADL5380 Performance below 400 MHz.


    Is the performance of the ADL5380 maintained below 400 MHz?



    The minimum frequency as specified on the ADL5380 datasheet is 400 MHz.  Performance…

  • AD8009ARZ G=+1



    I want realized gain G=+1 with OPA AD8009ARZ. For this gain the recomended resistor Rf = 301 Ohm in Data Sheet. Wath is value of Rg with Rf = 301 Ohm for G=+1 for AD8009ARZ?

    Best Regards!

  • EVAL-ADXL312Z Breakout board pin-out


    Could you please help me to find the Pin-out diagram of the EVAL-ADXL312Z information?

    I cannot find it on the product page or the documentations.



    The Pin-out of the Breakout board is provided in the attached document.


  • RE: Attempting to update adrv9009-zu11eg with adi_update_tools.sh fails with 'Unable to locate package libserialport-dev'

    Thanks for the reply. I have run the adi_update_boot.sh script, which appeared to complete successfully but running adi_update_tools.sh afterwards still fails as shown above.

    Output of running adi_update_boot.sh again:

    Verifying if ./adi_update_boot.sh…

  • RE: ADM2463E radiated emission

    Hello Neil,

    We are targeting the EN 301 908 (RED, Radio Equipment Directive), because there are RF radio's on board too. Do you know if there are more detailed test results available of the EN 55032 tests done with the EVAL-ADM2463EEBZ, including the…

  • [#4175] PIPE_ISOCHRONOUS mode is not enabled or running well in bf548/527 usb host driver.

    [#4175] PIPE_ISOCHRONOUS mode is not enabled or running well in bf548/527 usb host driver.

    Submitted By: Sonic Zhang

    Open Date

    2008-06-18 05:34:41     Close Date

    2009-02-08 21:24:43


    Medium     Assignee:

    Bryan Wu


    Closed     Fixed In Release…

  • RE: LTspice, Capacitor "Series Inductance" and HF Spikes [Part II]

    Thank you for sharing your detailed thoughts. 

    Actually, I was not simulating only "simple inductors" within the capacitor models (which consist of only adding Lser to the capacitor in LTSpice).  I did do that, but I also downloaded more "complex…

  • ADRV9026 Tx & Rx Data Path Delay


    The user can get an idea of Tx, Rx and ORx path delay data for ADRV9026 as below table showed. An example of the Rx, ORx and Tx path delay with UC26C profile. The Tx & ORx interface data rate is 491.52MHz, The Rx interface data rate is 245.76MHz. The…

  • Gain Error on AD8237

    Hi all,

    I am amplifying the output of the NPP301-700A (differential pressure sensor) using the AD8237.  The AD8237 is configured for a gain of 39.27 (G = 1 + (97.6k / 2.55k) ).  Using my multimeter, I'm reading 0.012V at the NPP's differential outputs …

  • RE: AD8022 Spice Noise Model

    Hi Ben, 

    Re-created your test using the .cir from the forum and still got 2.3nV/rtHz. I noticed that the referenced model file in the code is  .

    I've attached the .cir from the forum here. Can you try using this model instead?