• UG-290 AD9484


    I've recently bought the evaluation board UG-290 with AD9484 and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ Data Capture Board. I wonder whether there is an on-board clock to use so that I don't need to connect an external clock. The datasheet has mentioned the on-boa…

  • Comparison of ADXRS 450 and ADXRS 290

    My customers are planning dead-reckoning by gyroscope.
    And we are comparing ADXRS450 and ADXRS290.

    ADXRS450 Sensitivity 80 LSB / ° / sec, Offset ± 3 ° / sec
    ADXRS290 sensitivity 200 LSB / ° / sec, offset ± 9 ° / sec

    We are trying to cancel offsets by…

  • How to calculate the measurement accuracy of ADXRS290 and ADXRS450?

    In datesheet,only Sensitivity of LSB/°/sec is given.(200 for 290 and 80 for 450)

    Can you give an example of calculating the measurement error by measuring a certain value, such as 10°/sec?

    Thanks a lot.

  • ADXL345 0g Output Deviation from Ideal

    ADXL345: I'm not sure how to use the 0 g Output Deviation from Ideal specification. 

    Just focusing on the Z axis. I see 0 g output offset for Zout = +/-250 mg.  Is the +/-40mg Z axis 0 g Output Deviation from Ideal added to the +/-250 mg? Making the total…

  • How to design LT8490

    Designed with 290 W solar panel, output current 20 A, in a 12 V battery. Voc 44.1 V. Isc 8.65 A.
    Is there a way to design the input-output capacitors and inductors of the circuit?
  • RE: delteVSNS

    Hi Markus,

     I want User current between 60 and 100 ampers. 

    At 100 Ampere ist has to shouddown. 

    So i choose a Resistor of 100k at the ISET pin.

    No i build 7 Prototyps and got at 60 ampers the following values at IMON

    1: 80 mV

    2: 290 mV

    3: 20 mV

    4: 10…

  • RE: AD8672 vs ADA4610-2 problem

    Now power supply +-15V. 
    About photo, first channel (yellow) it's ADA4610-2, second (blue) AD8672.
    PP 209

    Next PP203

    PP 207

    And finally PP205

    As i noticed if on PP207 negative signal, this problem are more rarely.

    When i changed C317 to 1n5, R288…

  • RE: ADRV9009+ZCU102 no-OS: runtime failure

    Hi   Please can you help me? how to create project with SDK, we create project for zcu102 2018.2 i.e  hdl_2018_r2, also, run source /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2018.2/setting.sh and source /opt/Xilinx/SDK/2018.2/setting64.sh. after run the command,…

  • RE: Change the Core Clock Frequency during Runtime

    Hi Dan,

    You can try this by using SPI slave boot method. The Host Application would send the Boot Application file (PLL configuration) to the slave via supported protocols (such as SPI) where the slave will receive the .ldr and execute in it's own when…

  • RE: How to get the user's guide of EVAL-AD9211

    the AD9211 is the 10-bit version of the AD9434. the user guide can be accessed here

    UG-290 (Rev. 0) (analog.com)