• 289 ball BGA details / Reflow results


    I've been looking for detailed info about the Blackfin 289pin CSP BGA package. Especially the Via diameter on the actual package to make sure the ratio between the land diameter on pcb to make sure they are close to equal.

    Also, anyone here…

  • BF527

    Hello to all

    Is there any EZ-KIT of BF527 but with the 208pin package, not 289?

  • RE: ADXL327 Parameters Change-----The parameters of ADXL327 are given in the data sheet when VS=3V, so I would like to ask how will the parameters change when VS=3.3V?Such as SENSITIVITY (RATIOMETRIC)&ZERO g BIAS LEVEL (RATIOMETRIC) .

    Hi ,

    Thank you for your interest in the ADXL327!

    The meaning of ratiometric in this sense is that the values that you get for sensitivity and zero g bias level changes along with the power supply change. 

    Let's start first with the Zero g bias…

  • RE: AD9578 problem


    Yes, let’s please talk on the phone Friday AM.

    Best number for me is 661 289-5221.   Alternate is 805 320-5255.


  • RE: Max DDS frequency in ADRV9009-ZU11EG RFSOM

    This is just a bug in IIO-Scope. If you open the debug window you can write to the DDSs up to FS/2. Or do something similar in python:

    >>> import adi
    >>> sdr = adi.adrv9009("ip:analog")


  • RE: Does ADV7390 comply with SMPTE-170M standard?

    10.7us * 27MHz = 289 clocks.  It's the time shown in the SMPTE-170M standard.  It's just a way to relate the analog signal to the sampling rate.

  • RE: Can't load profile.txt to ad9371 profile.config

    <profile AD9371 version=0 name=Rx 100, IQrate 122.880>

  • BF525 pinout question

    In the ADSP-BF52x Data Sheet for the 289 CSP_BGA pin assignments, pins T17 and U17 are shown as VDDext. 

    In the ADSP-BF527 EZ-Kit Lite schematic they are named "EVDD_VREG" and "EVDD_VREG_N" and are connected to the 3.3V regulator output.…

  • Profile loading error ad9371

    I have created my profile using  MATLAB Profile/Filter Generator for AD9371 . When i load the profile as shown below 

    Loading a Profile

    This specifies any shell prompt running on the target

    root@analog:/sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device3# cat…
  • BF526 Package part number error

    Looking at our BF526-EZBRD the part number printed on the package is ADSP-BF526KBCZENGA and the part is clearly the 17x17mm 208 ball BGA. The BOM in the EZBRD reference manual also corresponds to this part number. However the data sheet(rev b) list's…