• How do I connect the Real Time Clock (RTC) pins on Blackfin?

    How do I connect the Real Time Clock (RTC) pins on Blackfin? What if I don't
    want to use the RTC at all?


    For lowest power consumption, it is best to follow the advice of EE-281:
    Hardware Design Checklist for the BlackfinRegistered Processors:


  • RE: How to write AD9361 FIR filter coeffs on no-OS driver?

    Are you generating RX filter coefficients and loading them into AD9361?

    >>Yes. setting RXFIRcoeffs below.


    AD9361_RXFIRConfig rx_fir_config = {
    3, // rx
    -12, // rx_gain

  • RE: AD9176:DLL and serdes pll are not locked after DAC pll locked

    Thanks,I have worked this problem.Before reading 281 register,we should wait for some time.But it is not mentioned in the datasheet.  

  • RE: Software Defined Radio

    Hi Rualri,

    Thank you for the response. Till now, we have not tried like this scheme. We want your support in finalizing our architecture along with any M/s Analog devices chip set in order to overcome any non-linearity and losses that may disturb the…

  • RE: Problems running examples in matlab by adrv9009

    Hello, there I solved it by changing the profile. Place the Tx_BW200_IR245p76_Rx_BW100_OR122p88_ORx_BW200_OR245p76_DC245p76.txt and followed suit. I wonder why I couldn't use the other profile that changes some parameters like the frequency of the device…

  • RE: Tunable notch Filters for audio frequency

    The attached LTC1067 Notch circuit simulates as expected. The LTC1060 is not recommended for new designs.

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  • RE: Buffer pointers

    As you can see from lines 269 to 281 of this example -  github.com/.../ad9361-iiostream.c

    if you are continuously fetching samples from hardware by calling iio_buffer_refill(), then iio_buffer_step() and iio_buffer_end() also need to be called to get the…

  • ADRV9009 plugin profile errors


    I am using provided profile called  "Tx_BW400_IR491p52_Rx_BW200_OR245p76_ORx_BW400_OR491p52_DC245p76.txt". I am attempting to use this profile because I am interested in having the ORX BW at 400MHz and the sample rate at 491.52 MSPS.


  • Error Loading Profile using IIO Oscilloscope, ADRV9009

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to load a pre-made profile from the IIO scope: Tx_BW400_IR491p52_Rx_BW200_OR245p76_ORx_BW400_OR491p52_DC245p76.txt. When I try to load this profile the serial port spits out a lot of error messages and I'm unable to transmit or receive…