• when input is DVI source,adv7612 output RGB 16-235 fixedly

      I am using an ADV7612 to receive HDMI/DVI signals an ADV7511 to transfer DVI signals. if  video source is DVI signals(RGB 0-255) ,adv7612  always output RGB 16-235 format image,and it could not been changed by configuration.  


    I refer to the script ADV7612…

  • RE: ADV7183B Gain operation

    Hi Kevin,

    RANGE bit scales to make the data fit into 16-235 range. It means that no output value will be above 235 or less than 16.

    So a x2 will be scaled to fit into 16-235.



  • RE: ADV7611 RGB mode : input and output color not matching

    Here's the results of my testing.

    Test setup

    1. ADV7612-7511 Eval. Board
    2. AVES2 to control bits
    3. Input: HDMI 1080p60 Quantum Data 882 GrayBar RGB444
    4. Output: attached to Astro VA-1835
    5. Ran embedded repeater code until input showed on output…
  • color space of ADV7611


    I'm using ADV7611 as the HDMI receiver in my system,When the source send a black video(RGB=0,0,0),But get (R=16,G=16,B=16) on P23~P0,and When the source send a black video(RGB=255,255,255),But get (R=235,G=235,B=235) on P23~P0,I set regiseter…

  • RE: (ADV739x)Limited-range Or Full-range

    Hi Kawa,


    So you mean , if we input 235 , ADV739x can output 700mV either we use embedded or separate sync?

    Is this written in the datasheet?

    [PS] a 235 input will result in a full scale (700/714mV) output from the encoder.


    If this is correct…

  • RE: Register "RANGE" address:0x04[0] of ADV7181D.

    The range 16 - 235 is used when in BT.656 mode with embedded syncs.  Embedded syncs use symbol markers > 235..

    The range 1-254 can be used when in BT.601 which has separate syncs and no embedded syncs.

  • RE: Issues with the sruSC589.h in CrossCore 2.5.0

    Hi Nithya,

    Here is what I was trying to do. I was trying to setup some SPORTS to do an external loop-back and thought I had an issue so I created a function to do the SRU initialization which would tie all unused inputs to LOW as suggested by the documentation…

  • RE: Why is the default gain on an ADV7441 set to ~2?

    Specifically, I'm curious where the 16/1792 factors come from when the gain is calculated - as described in the register spec for the AGC registers.

    0-255 RGB range gets a gain of (255-0+1) * 16/1792

    16-235 range gets a gain of (235-16+1) * 16…

  • ZC706 ad9680_eval project


    Is the HDL project ad9680_eval/zc706 still being supported?  I tried both the hdl_2014_r1 branch and the master branch and neither worked.  From the log file, it looks like the port names on axi_9680_core changed at some point:

    WARNING: [BD 5-235…

  • RE: [ADV7611] "OP_656_RANGE" and "ALT_DATA_SAT".


    Visually when the OP-656_RANGE was set to 0, The light colors got brighter and the dark colors got darker as would be expected if the output range when from 16-235 to 0-255.

    When your input is RGB then the output color space should be 0-255. If you…